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The official community for Dread announcements, discussion, and feedback. Come post any bugs!

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User discussion about the DNMs and Vendors.

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Discussion about OPSEC (Operational Security).

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Go to /d/carding to discuss stolen cards

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This sub is for general and technical questions about using DNMs.

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Everything related to hacking, opsec, and programming. Malware, phishing, DDoS, coding, research and news.

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**DankNation Rules**

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Secure • Private • Untraceable

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The best parts of the anonymous internet!

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1. No Wickr, Telegram, Clearnet emails or selling sites.

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No.1 place on the darknet to get all the latest Australian news, updates and info about the Darknet and Drugs. Place to discuss subjected related to products, vendors, safe usage of mind altering drugs and darknet related material.

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Discussion & Sourcing of LSD

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This subdread is for folks that are either looking to pay for work [JOB] or looking for work [LFW].

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All things research chemicals.

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The purpose of Laundromat is to discuss, educate and share experiences in international money laundering, tax evasion, anonymous crypto, tax havens, etc...

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When you're here for less shopping and more talking.

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Welcome To /d/FakeID!

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All About Malware & Forensics