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$1 for 1 Gram sample of cannabis flowers! $1 Samples of cannabis concentrates! [USA-WW]

by /u/dankservices ⭐ Star Vendor ⭐ · 1 votes · 2 months ago

Shatter 'Blue Dream' $1 for 0.25g

Crumble 'Golden Goat' $1 for 0.25g

Green Dry Ice Kief 'Silver Haze' $1 for Half Gram

Budget Distillate $1 for 0.25g

Nug Run Rosin 'Mendo Breath' $2 for 0.25g

Cake Batter 'Mandarin Mint' $2 for 0.25g

HQ Shatter 'Gloukies' $2 for 0.25g

World's Best Nug Run Shatter 'Strawberry Diesel' $3 for 0.25g

Live Resin Badder 'White Widow' $3 for 0.25g

Live Resin Sugar 'Ghost OG' $3 for 0.25g

Sugar Wax 'Mimosa' $1 for 0.25g

90% THC Distillate $1 for 0.25g

Terpy Sugar Wax 'Jet Fuel OG' $2 for 0.25g

Almost Full Melt Hash $2 for 0.25g

Live Resin Sauce 'Kosher Kush' $3 for 0.25g

THCA Isolate $6 for 0.25g

PHO Shatter 'Peach Ringz' $2 for 0.25g

PHO Live Resin 'Gushers' $3 for 0.25g

PHO Sugar Wax 'Strawberry Banana' $2 for 0.25g

Budget Shatter 'Chemdawg' $1 for 0.25g

Budget Sugar Wax 'Stardawg' $1 for 0.25g

CRC Sugar Wax 'Goji OG' $1 for 0.25g

Budget THCA Isolate (CRC) $5 for 0.25g

High End Live Resin Badder 'MAC' $5 for 0.25g

CAT3 Distillate $2 for 0.25g

Highest End Live Resin Badder 'Pink Runtz' $7 for 0.25g

Live Rosin 'Wedding Cake' $5 for 0.25g

Dispensary Nug Run Shatter $4 for 0.25g

Dispensary Live Resin 'Zookies' $5 for 0.25g

CRC Shatter 'Lemon OG' $1 for 0.25g

Dry Sift Hash 'Key Lime Pie' $1 for 0.25g

HQ Crumble $2 for 0.25g

Living soil organic cannabis flower 'Bruce Banner' $1 for 1 Gram

Living soil organic cannabis flower 'Strawberry OG' $1 for 1 Gram

To find our promo listings search by vendor name 'DankServices' on ASAP market or Alphabay Market

($1 samples are FE on ASAP, Escrow on Alphabay)

30,000+ Legacy sales, over 5 years vending. Your cannabis concentrates source for global shipment.

Photos of our new flowers:

Close up Bruce Banner:

Close up Strawberry OG: