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accidentally walked in the room with a phone

by /u/promana · 1 votes · 2 months ago

i accidentally walked in my room with my phone, forgot i was holding it.

i've heard that you should keep your phone far far far away, in that scenario, am i in danger? or if i accidentally do it again, what should i do?

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/u/promana OP · 1 votes · 2 months ago · Link

PS, i had only dread opened if i remember correctly

/u/corqo · 1 votes · 2 months ago · Link

The two ways that I've heard of mobile phones being near an operational laptop leading to de-anonymization is as follows.

1. Your operational laptop creates some sort of signal, which the microphone on your phone can identity (based on pattern or etc). And you have an app installed on your phone which is conspiring with law enforcement to listen for that specific signal and then cause your mobile phone to ping back to law enforcement servers revealing your mobile phones IP and potentially linking the two identities.

- This scenario sounds far fetched, but this strategy was done by the FBI on a pedo site by having javascript play back a specific frequency out of the persons speaker that couldn't be heard by human ears, but could be heard by the microphone on their phone. And there were several apps on both the android and IOS app store that assisted the FBI by listening for this specific tone/frequency. Thus deanonymizing as above.

-- You are likely not to worry about this if you only accessed dread and you either had javascript disabled or audio on your computer disabled. And to note, dread would have to be compromised or complying with law enforcement for that to have occurred and security researchers would catch on fairly quickly if a popular site such as dread was ever to deploy this type of attack.

2. The other way is if you entered your encryption passphrase while your phone was in the room. Unlikely, but if they were monitoring you, then they might be able to figure out the rough length of your encryption keys and I know on the Whonix wiki there is some information about how the NSA actively researches a way to extract encryption keys based on keystrokes from the key travel distance and the different sound of different keys.

Long story short, both of these attack vectors are extremely unlikely given you were only on dread, I would only cycle your encryption keys if you have serious heat that would warrent law enforcement dumping resources into targeting you. Very unlikely if you are just a darknet market buyer.

/u/promana OP · 1 votes · 2 months ago · Link

Hey, first of all thank you for that information. greatly appreciated.

Just wondering, i'm in here for some education and info, not for any drugs or any shady business.

even if my shit gets leaked, and i have NOT ordered anything from dn, will i be safe in that scenario?

Hopefully you get my question.