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Addressing an annoying problem

by /u/UberShop Confirmed Market Vendor · -2 votes · 3 weeks ago

Ok so we now know its important to renew your BTC seed on every available occasion

So we left with XMR and the syncing node issue

the reason for this post is to understand how we know the difference between nodes syncing and nefarious intentions

so is it exceptable for us to wait 24 hours for an XMR transaction to appear or do we address it straight away

what action do we take and when

Comments (2)
/u/dontlaugh Darknet Shaman · 1 votes · 3 weeks ago · Link

might be better over in /d/monero mate

/u/KurableStim P · 1 votes · 3 weeks ago · Link

You are able to setup your own node.