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Any experiences with "Majestic Bank" crypto exchange?

by /u/Anonymator59 · 1 votes · 3 weeks ago

I think I may have gotten scammed. Not sure, I'm still waiting to see if they reply to my support request... and hopefully some confirmations on here.

Long story short, here's what happened:

1) I generated a trade to get BTC for my XMR, providing both my BTC address and a XMR refund address.

2) I send the previously specified amount of XMR to the address provided by the site.

3) I accidentally hit refresh on the page, instead of using the provided Update button at the bottom.

4) Now the XMR address changed. Apparently me pressing the refresh button sent me to a brand new trade, not the one I had already started.

5) Regardless of whether or not I have access to the trade page, I still haven't received my BTC over two hours later

What are the chances I got scammed and what are the chances I'll see my money back? It wasn't that much but it was the last of my monero, now I'm darknet-broke. I obtained the link from so I doubt I got phished. I've used other services listed there successfully before and Majestic Bank is rated a 9/10 by

(God damn it to hell why did Elude have to go and exit scam...)

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/u/LydiaRQ P · 1 votes · 3 weeks ago · Link

Contact customer support through your account. I had an issue over the weekend in that BTC transaction fees are so high that my transaction is not likely to get processed soon. They responded to me on a Saturday early morning.