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🇬🇧 Anyone here looking for UK to UK Bud/Cannabis? Personal/Bulk **NOT SELLING YET** 🇬🇧

by /u/americangas 🍼 · 2 votes · 10 months ago

Hiya UK -

Interested to see what sort of demand there is for Bud here in the UK for great priced Cali and Canadian

We are not currently active on the markets but my team are looking to join and be a UK source for Cannabis. Dedicated to Cannabis only - nothing else. Cali & Canadian. Lots of strains - mids and top quality depending on your budget. Great customer service and NDD.

If there is a demand we will go through the correct channels here and on the markets to get the ball rolling!

example strains:

Gelato 41

Gelato 33

Cake Mints



Space Cookies

Gary Payton

Let us know what you think!

Comments (9)
/u/crackheaddom101 P Head Mod · 2 votes · 10 months ago · Link

usually overpriced and overhyped but hopefully you can get sales for sure

/u/americangas 📢 🍼 OP · 1 votes · 10 months ago · Link

Lets change that..Thanks mod

/u/jonnysalone33 · 2 votes · 10 months ago · Link

The demand is there for sure, but thats all dependent on prices.

Lot of people buying 8ozs+ at a time now are buying from North america rather than pay uk prices.

/u/americangas 📢 🍼 OP · 1 votes · 10 months ago · Link

We can beat other UK local prices for sure.. but you're right

/u/DudeWheresMySpeed · 1 votes · 10 months ago · Link

I'm paying about 40 quid an ounce from Canada or US right now and selling for 140 - curious to see if you could come close. Domestic shipping and stuff would be extremely beneficial given your prices are solid.

/u/jonnysalone33 · 1 votes · 9 months ago · Link

curios, how long is your pack usually in customs for?

/u/DudeWheresMySpeed · 1 votes · 9 months ago · Link

2 days or so from the tracking - from Canada I'm not sure since its sent as a large letter from the vendor I use.

/u/NottiOsama 🍼 · 2 votes · 10 months ago · Link

do u have a price list or sum bro cuh i need top shelf cali in big bits, PM me

/u/5HT2A · 1 votes · 10 months ago · Link