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Anyone ordered recently from ShipOfTheseus?

by /u/cannabisnchill · 0 votes · 2 months ago

Looking to order some acid from them? Anyone bought from them recently? Are they legit? How is their new acid like?

Comments (7)
/u/nakedpiratebeta · 1 votes · 2 months ago · Link

not replying to my text

/u/peakinghimalayas · 1 votes · 2 months ago · Link

Same! Not replying to text! Is he available on Wickrrr?

/u/AutoModerator M Filthy whore bot · 1 votes · 2 months ago · Link

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/u/delhifpo Mod · 1 votes · 2 months ago · Link

did you send DM on market? Asking of Wickr is asking to get scammed.

/u/peakinghimalayas · 1 votes · 2 months ago · Link

I Dm'ed on Dread. Which market is he available on?

/u/delhifpo Mod · 1 votes · 2 months ago · Link

check his profile or the sticky

/u/mmart · 1 votes · 2 months ago · Link

Yes I did and landed safely by last week !

They told that "Please convey a message that I have withdrawn from escrow services. Two, will not be selling to new buyers either. "

" Only a handful of bulk buyers to maintain a tight knit. Gratitude to whoever gave us a chance!"