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Anyway to make TOR & onion pages load faster? Here is what a redditor had to say as a solution. What do u think?

by /u/Username146 · 1 votes · 2 months ago

"When I use the Tor Browser I always use duckduckgo through the hidden service. I install ublock origin with all built in filter lists enabled, localcdn set to block cdns that are unsupported, jshelter set to strict, and privacy pass. I know that this makes me stand out, but localcdn makes webpages load faster, browsing the web is unbearable without an ad blocker, privacy pass helps me get around cloudflare captchas, and jshelter makes javascript safe by wrapping unsafe javascript apis. We should all do this. Locacdn even mirrors font awesome on firefox, which makes webpages better. I think that the tor project should add these extensions by default to make browsing the controlled internet through Tor easier."

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