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Are Transfers Real or a Scam?

by /u/ShadoArt · 1 votes · 1 week ago

Can someone please tell me if PayPal, cash app, Skrill and Western Union transfers are real or a scam , because I've been scammed three times already and I'm sick of it.

And if they are real can you please tell me where is can find these golden nuggets. Is there a vendor or marketplace that's legit and offers ? Thank you

Comments (5)
/u/SexyPenguin · 1 votes · 1 week ago · Link

Anyone who refers to exchanges as "transfers" are 100% scamming, no doubt about it.

If you want to exchange, use localmonero.

/u/loadedwesson · 1 votes · 1 week ago · Link


But they do exist, for sure. But nobody is going to do it for you.. it takes practice equivalent to making it to the NBA. If you want it bad enough and are prepared to risk everything to get it. Possibly you will... At that point why would you use it to make random people rich on the internet?

/u/MrLivian · 1 votes · 1 week ago · Link

Transfers are real...ONLY if you do it by you ....With a complex set up ...and can not be done by 1 person.... you need a team...

Split the work, risk and gains....

If you want to buy a transfer for a % .... it is 100 % SCAM

/u/jackroberts · 0 votes · 1 week ago · Link

western union transfers are all absolutely scams, paypal logs also don't work any more in 2023, as paypal increased their built-in security. only bank logs and CC fraud work right now.

/u/Letsgerrit · 0 votes · 1 week ago · Link

Paypal logins are real but you need good ip to be successful..there's a clearness site for it and for $50 you get up to 20 or more accounts