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AvosLocker - Ransomware [ACCEPTING AFFILIATES]

by /u/avos · 0 votes · 4 weeks ago

AvosLocker Ransomware is looking for new affiliates.

- Encrypt all drives & network shares (hidden or not)
- Multi-threaded encryption process
- Fail-proof
- Overwrite files instead of creating copies:
Files are encrypted & overwritten in blocks, causing no memory issues while proving to be way more efficient, as the original files do not need to be overwritten before deletion.
- Delete shadow copies/backups
- Proper memory cleaning of cryptography keys:
Memory is cleansed of any keys that may be used in decryption right after each file is encrypted. No trace of decryption keys will be found in memory.
- Written in C++
- Low detection rates
- Compatible with all crypters/evading methods
- Other applications interfering with encryption are terminated instantly
- Large file support

After you infect the target, we take care of negotiation, hosting of leaks, publishing it on our blog and so on. Payments are strictly done through Monero.

Our services (affiliate panel, payment, blog) are strictly hosted in Tor.

You may apply for an invite through my
XMPP: avos@thesecure.biz
Tox: 9A751AC90A5F020521EE40D58208C272BD18D2E0C934AB6DA9B918627578095CD9847E24CE59
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/u/Scoobydoowooo · 1 votes · 3 weeks ago · Link
Hit you up a message mate!