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best way to ship weed products in the USA (domestic)

by /u/deepimpact · 1 votes · 1 month ago

[i hope this doesn't break the third rule about op-sec!]

i'm gonna be in a state with good fucking weed, but i live in another. for reasons i won't go in to, i can't just travel with the products, which i've heard(?) is pretty easy. so, i'm planning on shipping. it'll likely be resin, carts, edibles, and maybe some bud/prerolls. nothing insane either, no more than like 7g of resin, a few carts/edible packs, and a half oz of bud at most.

i had a few questions i would love input on!:

is it safer to tuck those products in with a larger package of personal items i'll be shipping? do large boxes get more scrutiny? or should i get a flate-rate box, the way most vendors do?

i don't have any fancy vaccum-sealing stuff, i was thinking just tucking the stuff into a bag of coffee with a bunch of ziplock bags, will that be enough?

i would buy the shipping label from cryptostamps, does that service work well?

thank you all very much, it is appreciated! ;)

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/u/StarScream999 · 2 votes · 1 month ago · Link

That's a lot of shit to ship. I would split it up into multiple packages. The biggest issue you're going to have is the odor the bud and resin is going to give off. The Mexican cartels wrap their weed in dryer sheets, so maybe give that a try. But I would do the standard stealth shipping method.

Vacuum seal anything that has an odor. Then seal it in mylar heat seal bags. I might try wrapping it in dryer sheets after that.

I had this theory based on a story I read from Nazi Germany. This man was hiding Jews in his house, and so when the Gestapo came with dogs to smell for humans he had a handkerchief dipped in rabbits blood and it had cocaine in it, so he dropped it in front of the dog, the dog locked on to the rabbit's blood and then the cocaine numbed his nose so he couldn't smell anything.

So, my theory was to cover everything in lidocaine or benzocaine solution, which are both numbing agents as well, so if a dog smelled it, it would numb his nose and he wouldn't be able to smell it. There was a guy on here who sold bulk lidocaine and benzocaine, but since the search is gone, I have no idea where he is.

Anyway, I have no idea if that would actually work. But, I thought it could be an interesting experiment. You can buy topical lidocaine rub at any pharmacy or drug store so you could smear it all over the mylar bags,,wrap it up in dryer sheets and then stuff it in another bag after that looks like some kind of gift bag. A 3 stage stealth shipping is the BEST way,

1) Vacuum seal

2) Heat Sealed Mylar Bag

3) Wrap in another packaging bag like one that has some message like happy birthday or something like that, so if they open it up, it will look more innocuous.

Ideally you want to make the package as small as possible. Like fit everything in one of those flat priority mail envelopes. If you can flatten everything out and get it to fit in one of those, it's good. But the more I think about it, a box might be better just because of the odor would seep through that thin paper on those priority mail envelopes. Your PRIMARY concern is anything that has an odor. But, if you're shipping within your own country, your risk of having anything seized or looked at is much less likely to be looked at than if you're trying to ship it internationally.

Coffee might work too. Just buy a big ass container of cheap generic ground coffee, and stuff all your weed down inside of it. It worked in Beverly Hills Cops, so, hey, it might work for you too :P

/u/M4GN1TUD3GHO5T · 1 votes · 1 month ago · Link


/u/JohnKennedy · 1 votes · 1 month ago · Link

For every pack, double vacuum seal it. Then wipe with alcohol wipes. After that, put it in a heat-sealable mylar bag, and make sure it's opaque. Seal with a hair straightener or clothing iron, and wipe with alcohol again. You can use a decoy if you want, like a stuffed animal or something, but it's not really necessary. Make sure to package it inside the shipping box neatly, with hot glue instead of tape. Print out a shipping label, don't write the address with a pen or anything.

/u/smurfdude · 1 votes · 1 month ago · Link

While I encourage you to take precautions to stealth your weed products and not abandon proper opsec I would like to point out that hemp products are legal to ship in the USA. When it comes down to it "hemp" products and "marijuana" products are both cannabis. They smell the same and dogs trained to smell "cannabis" will hit on both. So I think it is becoming easier to mail weed in the USA. Vacuum sealing is definitely advised though.

/u/BillyBongThorten · 1 votes · 1 month ago · Link

Hemp products are not legal in every state. There is three states where it's not legal. For large amounts you will get arrested.

/u/smurfdude · 1 votes · 1 month ago · Link

That's good to know. I would assume when it comes to USPS though they are focused on federal laws. I could be wrong. But that is why I also stated to still use good opsec regardless. Thanks for the input mate.

/u/ProjectCannabis Established Vendor · 1 votes · 1 month ago · Link

1 - Buy a vacuum sealer at walmart and some bags, seal your product 3 times. Put it in a bubble mailer, head to usps put it in a box that fits, tape the edges and send it over to your house 2/3 day shipping don't overnight it.

2 - Clean off the sealer and return it to Walmart saying it doesn't work. You're welcome and safe travels.

It's literally just as simple as that no need to over think it.