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by /u/heavenS · 1 votes · 1 week ago

does anyone know the binance comm/anz method and is willing to share? i know bits and pieces but im not all the way there.

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/u/SteveIrwin P Certified Croc Hunter · 2 votes · 1 week ago · Link

Maybe check out /d/FraudAustralia

/u/heavenS OP · 1 votes · 1 week ago · Link

im good one of the moderators already scammed me

/u/weirdaf1 WEIRD · 1 votes · 1 week ago · Link

If /u/SteveIrwin chose and made sure he gave the right person MOD , maybe our aussie's would have not been taken advantage off.

Also i canno't find the post but i do remember /u/SteveIrwin saying " he's a scammer what did you expect your in /d/FraudAustralia"

I will try and look for the post and link for people to see , before he delete's.

To see that type of attitude toward's user's who are trying to get justice for being scammed is such a badlook and somehow he is running the subdread.

I see how corrupt this place can be...

/u/SteveIrwin P Certified Croc Hunter · 1 votes · 1 week ago · Link

For reference I said:

"You can't go putting all the blame on me because another moderator scammed you. It's up to you to use your own intuition and risk assessment and be willing to accept the consequences."

And yes it is a fraud sub, surely you understand that everything done here is at the expense of someone else right? Someone has to loose and occasionally it might be you.

It's a bit hypocritical if you believe you can scam/de-fraud someone else but if it happens to you it's some sort of injustice.

/u/heavenS OP · 1 votes · 1 week ago · Link

what the fuck are you on hypocritical no one was complaining about being scammed. if you want to run a suddread full of mods that scam its community be my guess but its not for me ive been on here for awhile i dont need preaching about risk. i was just saying your subdread lost credibility for me.

/u/SteveIrwin P Certified Croc Hunter · 1 votes · 1 week ago · Link

This comment was not directed at you? Hence why it was not a reply to your comment.

/u/SteveIrwin P Certified Croc Hunter · 1 votes · 1 week ago · Link

Over 100 members in the community that may be able to help you out, if you choose to not take advantage of that because you had one bad experience with a user who is now banned then that's up to you.

You can get sacmmed on any subdread, can't be doing direct deals and think it's risk free.

/u/weirdaf1 WEIRD · 1 votes · 1 week ago · Link

That's the only fair point you have made , Doing direct deals is a risk and people should blame no one but themselves , But to give a

scammer MOD and then not take accountability for your actions is cringe.

/u/SteveIrwin P Certified Croc Hunter · 1 votes · 1 week ago · Link

Again, I wasn't the only person he foold. Clearly.

I did apologise, user was banned. This user had been around and active in the community longer than you have (and you wanted to mod position around the same time)

So making you a moderator would've been an even more foolish mistake at the time. Again just because someone is a moderator (on a fairly new sub at that) doesn't mean everyone should trust them 100%, common sense seems to drop away for whatever reason.

/u/weirdaf1 WEIRD · 1 votes · 6 days ago · Link

Yeah buddy, keep tryinig to make yourself feel better.

Don't need that shitty position anyway , and the fact that you think it is more foolish to have me on the team then a scammer is insane because i didn't make the wrong decision bud you did.

Also proves my point.


/u/Troopz · 1 votes · 6 days ago · Link

*Shocked pikachu face*

/u/akkarin · 2 votes · 1 week ago · Link

also check with /d/laundromat.