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BitBlender - Protect your privacy and security when using Bitcoin with our mixer.

by /u/bitblenders · -4 votes · 4 weeks ago

We apply an innovative algorithm, Bitcoin Mixer 2.0, to uplevel anonymity and money mixing in

comparison with classic mixers. The main advantage of our service is that all the funds returned to

you after a mixing procedure are verified coins from cryptocurrency stock exchanges having an

undoubtedly positive


Comments (2)
/u/Bittern · 2 votes · 4 weeks ago · Link

At the bottom of your site, you say that you are powered by but you aren't listed as a partner on their site: http://jamblery7zgxknhjtmj3mhfdajmyddqxbufrf6voa32h5w4otux3crqd.onion/mix-coins.php

/u/jackroberts · 1 votes · 4 weeks ago · Link

Guys! please stop using mixers! just use monero and you will be fine.