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Brotman 1g Weed Sample Review

by /u/excusememate Pro Reviewer · 1 votes · 3 months ago

Vendor Details Product Details
Market: Asap, Incognito and AlphaBay Vendor Name: Burnaboy Escrow Listing: No Product: 1g Weed Sample Price: Free Sample Quality (1-10): 8
Customer Service Shipping / Stealth
Clear Sales Terms: Yes PM Response Time: Very Responsive Easy to work with: Yes Accepted / Shipped times: Sent within a couple days of exchanging PM's Printed shipping label: Yes Stealth (Please be vague): Multiple Smell Barriers, Visual barrier
Product Pictures and description
Personal experience / thoughts on product and order
I'm no cannabis connoisseur as you can probably tell by my review. I rarely smoke weed and this stuff got me higher than a tree trunk. To be honest this was to be expected. I ended up consuming a lot more food than I usually do and a gram lasted a couple days. /u/Brotman is their dread name. They were easy to communicate with and very responsive. The parcel took around 7 days to arrive from Spain including postal delays here in the UK. The stealth was as expected nothing over the top and came with multiple smell proof barriers. The weed itself has a strong smell to it. It reminds me of amnesia. It was dry and ground up well. I rolled it into .2 joints and they all knocked me out. It had a fruity taste to it. The high was long lasting and clean. There was no paranoia or anxiety. It was a really good smoke. If you guys want strong weed at a cheaper price from abroad check out Burnaboy. My overall experience with them from the initial message through to the end product is a 9. Please check them out on asap, incognito or alphabay.