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Bulk Ketamine EU-US from TopDog

by /u/kidwithdaxan · 1 votes · 3 weeks ago

Review - TopDogShop

Type of order - Purchase, 12K GBP per Kilo (1000g)

Order - Ketamine (needles/shards)

Countries - UK-US

- - Rating

Service 5/5

Shipping 5/5

Stealth 5/5 , best stealth I've ever seen, this the kind of stealth you'd expect from the narcos in Colombia

Communication 5/5 Fastest communication ever as well honestly

- - Product info

Quantity - 1000g every week

Price Value 5/5 Fair pricing where we can all make gains from him to me to the guys under me. About 12,400GBp for the Kilo

Aesthetic 5/5

Reagent - None available but everyone tested says it's 99% pure

Pictures - N/A

Conclusion Comments: Honestly if it was just up to me I wouldn't share my connect cause ALOT of people on here do dumb things that draw heat to vendors operations, but it wouldn't be right to not help my bro business flourish more and help some fellow dealers make a profit as well, so here it is, I promise you all if you look into TopDog you'll regret why you never bought from him earlier 10/10 best vendor on Tor at the moment. Long Live The King. Amen !

Comments (2)
/u/ModernGhost · 2 votes · 3 weeks ago · Link

12k for a kilo of ketamine? Thats insanely high for bulk

You can get 10/10 ket kilos for at least half that

/u/bigdrain · -1 votes · 3 weeks ago · Link

give references or piss off