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What about kittens?

Buyers, can you guys PLEASE exercise just a little bit of patience. Every single "where is my package" message I get ends up delivered a day later.

by /u/waltcranston P ChadMethDealer · 10 votes · 11 months ago

I get it, you want your drugs, but I'm constantly getting messages from people on day 4 - 5 frantic and asking me what the hell is going on. If I investigate it's ALWAYS on the way, just taking a bit longer than usual.

If I don't investigate, I get a follow up message a day or 2 later apologizing and saying that the package had just arrived.

You may not realise, but between the god awful load times every market is experiencing atm, and the fucking captchas, and t hen hunting down your order on our spreadsheet, the process takes a lot of time. Now multiply that by a lot of customers and we're now spending a lot of time that could be more productively allocated.

The package is gonna get there no matter what you or I do about it. Once it leaves my hands, I know just as much as you do about what the fuck is going on with it.

Sign up for informed delivery. It's not perfect, but if it doesn't show on ID even though it was shipped, chances are me sending you the tracking # will yield the same lack of information.

If you ever wonder why vendors don't respond to you, it's because 9/10 messages are about problems that don't actually exist. And so the unlucky 1/10 customers with legitimate concerns get shafted too because many of us simply don't have the time to respond to every inquiry. Use t he dispute system for late packages. It makes our lives so much easier and brings the issue directly to our attention.

Please at least wait 1 week before messaging vendors about your order and always order enough and BEFORE you run out of stuff so that you can afford to wait a bit longer for your package. It will save you a lot of headache.

I love you guys but some of you have the patience of a toddler at sunday mass.

Thank ye

Comments (12)
/u/Paris A · 9 votes · 11 months ago · Link

I remember mr_white talking to me about how many tickets are just for non-delivered package delays. He set an automated system where if someone sends in a request it wouldn't even be looked by a moderator until 3 days have passed. The ticket closing rate was like 80% or something of the such. Cut the moderator and vendor work load substantially. People just need to be patient.

/u/waltcranston P ChadMethDealer OP · 2 votes · 11 months ago · Link

80%?? Good lord. What a clever fucker he was.

/u/Preview-Of-Freedom · 1 votes · 11 months ago · Link

patience?!!!? sounds like some thing a vendor exit scamming would say!!!!!!!!

/u/We_Are_9000 Nefarious Panty Scammer!!!!! · 2 votes · 11 months ago · Link

There is a simple solution to this issue!!!!

The fucking buyers need to order bigger quantities!!!!

Order a half pound & when you are down to 2 zips, fucking reorder!!!!

Fucking tweakers!!!!

/u/waltcranston P ChadMethDealer OP · 1 votes · 11 months ago · Link

EXACTLY. As they say, 3 months salary for your wedding ring, only spend 1/3rd of your income on rent, and SPEND THE REST ON DRUGS PEOPLE

/u/adruguser · 2 votes · 11 months ago · Link

hey where's my pack

can i get tracking

can you check tracking

it was marked shipped two days ago

/u/waltcranston P ChadMethDealer OP · 2 votes · 11 months ago · Link

I donated it to charity

/u/slayer555 · 2 votes · 11 months ago · Link

order a pair of blue blockers everyday off of ebay. this is a great way as a buyer to get used to receiving packages regularly, and also give them an opportunity to invest in a classic piece of eyewear that is guaranteed to TRIPLE in value

once you have the consistent blue blocker order, you forget about your mail and don't stress about shipment time. it will get there when it gets there, and youll have a sunglass for any occasion, along with the perfect gift for friends, families, and most importantly your friends

/u/waltcranston P ChadMethDealer OP · 1 votes · 11 months ago · Link

LOL wtf. Is this what guerilla marketing looks like?

/u/LeChacal P · 2 votes · 11 months ago · Link

Imagine we've to close 70% of disputes because items were delayed. Buyers spam disputed chats and tickets and when their items are delivered some of them don't even bother to update the vendor and the staff.

/u/gypsydog1 · 1 votes · 11 months ago · Link

On the other hand vendors, stop using crazy delivery times like 30 business days and shit when you send domestic or EU-EU... There is no chance a package will take that long. NO, IT WILL NOT FUCKING ARRIVE NEXT WEEK.

/u/waltcranston P ChadMethDealer OP · 1 votes · 11 months ago · Link

You need to pick better vendors. Only time it might take that long is international (outside of the EU for you), and in that case there's little the vendor can do.