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California fake IDs - QualityFakeIDs & falloutb0y - Images included

by /u/wWu6C442CU · 3 votes · 4 months ago

I have purchased two fake California driver licenses from two vendors on AlphaBay: QualityFakeIDs and falloutb0y. I made 1200dpi scans of them so that you can fully see their quality.

TOP: a genuine ID

MIDDLE: QualityFakeIDs

BOTTOM: falloutb0y

http://o3bb7kv2dymiptyf6cxyx54uikqwmpo4pflfn245m3fwhpa7ag65wsad.onion/images/dfa01b7ed71e07c3399cc0a2953719c7.png (23.7 MiB)

QualityFakeIDs review:

Order took 3 weeks to arrive in USA, shipped from Asia, very good stealth. Background lines are blurry compared to a genuine ID, fine lines are thicker, micro-text is unreadable. Sailboat reflections are too dark/blocky. Has good embossed text on large photo. Secondary smaller photo is too dark. Holographic state seal + DMV logo is very good, even though it does not show well in my scanned image (it depends upon the angle that the light hits it). Red text and organ donor are too light red in colour. Magnetic strip is properly coded and scannable. Has pinholes in the shape of the state and bear. Received 2 copies, nearly identical (pinholes are slightly better on one copy).

Overall rating: A

falloutb0y review:

Order took 12 days to arrive, shipped from USA to USA, even though it's listed as 7 day shipping and it was marked Sent within 8 hours. No stealth. Very blurry background. ID is obviously fake. Top right bear is yellow instead of gold. Small initials+birthdate below the D in DOB is too blurry to read. No pinholes. Blue photo background is not the correct colour shade. "California" is not the correct colour shade. Small black DOB on the right side is located too far to the right. Smaller secondary photo seems to be in colour, but very de-saturated, rather than monochrome. Large photo is not spaced properly below "California" - the top edge should be higher than the second horizontal gold line. Received 2 copies - the second copy has no holographic state seal + DMV logo.

Magnetic strip does not scan. Missing embossed birthdate at bottom of large photo! Missing small vertical initials+birthdate next to SEX.

To be fair, the listing on the market does say "all the features may or may not be included."

Overall rating: B-

Comments (1)
/u/thecrimsonking · 1 votes · 4 months ago · Link

the QFIDs one is clearly the better fake.... the lettering is just too fuzzy on the FOB.

That said, both vendors did a bad job on the photo background color.

CA updated its federal-complaint IDS (the ones with the starbear in the corner) to make the photo background on the compliant IDs greener and change the color of the lines from green to gold.

QFIDs license was issued in 2020, so it should still have the blue background. Regardless, its too green even for the post 2021 version

FOBs id was supposed to be issued in 2022, so it should have green in it, but it doesn't.

On balance, all other things being equal, i would rather go too blue than too green, since blue is kind of the default BG color.