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by /u/jacketsirski · 1 votes · 2 weeks ago

i have a few questions because i just got on this check shit, i got everything the software, check paper, magnetic inc, i have multiple account and routing numbers for when i print a new check but i’m just a little confused about some things, for example, im planning to but the account numbers up and keep the routing number the same but i have people to send into the cash check place but, they’re broke people off the street that have id’s but can i just put that persons real name on the check or do i have to use the persons name linked the routing number and account number, im sorry if i sound like a dumbass but i’m just trying to make sure i have everything straight before i do my first one, feel free to let me know anything, throw me some advice, anything would be appreciated, thank you - C

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/u/suzie Old Head · 1 votes · 2 weeks ago · Link


It has been already written many times over and over again but here you go again.

It’s a deposit check not a counter cash out check

▪️Depositing a check into a new bank account is not advisable. It’s a 50:50 chance of it dropping.

▪️Check history of the bank account you want to deposit the check. Don’t deposit an amount which the account has not hold before.

▪️Make sure the check is printed very clearly on a check paper.

▪️Do not edit anything on the check when purchased. Just hand write account owners name, or you can use pdf online editor to type the name on the check.

▪️Endorse the back of the check as per bank require before making the deposit at the ATM, bank or mobile deposit.

▪️ATMs have a limit on check deposit. It varies from each bank. so do your research well.

▪️After deposit, banks sometimes give estimated dates for funds availability. In this case you will have to keep an eye on the account because funds can be available before the estimated dates.

▪️Remember it’s a stolen money. So, you should be expecting charge backs. That is why it’s advisable to cash out day 1 wen funds become available.

▪️The trick, say you deposited 10k and it drops n you cash out before the charge back. The account will go negative. Then you will deposit 15k and cash the difference before charge back. So, you will keep cashing out the difference till account cast.

In your case you put a Bank account details of the person you are trying to get money out and then the real name that matches the ID of the person trying to cash that check.

good luck chuck


/u/loadedwesson · 1 votes · 2 weeks ago · Link

One company/check issuer= 1 account # and 1 routing #... only the check number changes.. sending a bum into walmart to cash a payroll check isn't gonna work.. find someone on here with drops and be a team