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1. All things research chemicals.

2. Direct deals only by flaired market vendor

3. No deals done over Dread.

4. Vendor reviews appreciated and if posted using a template and date stamped pic will gain flair credit.

5. No onion links to prevent phishing.

6. No advertising without a vendor flair or market listing.

7. No fent, fraud, guns, kiddie porn, or threats!

8. Doxxing results in a ban.

9. No-pre-reviews

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Clarification of Rule #6 on the sidebar

by /u/newbieforever2018 MOD-Adopt a Shelter Dog · 4 votes · 5 days ago

6. No advertising without a vendor flair or market listing.

Anyone can post an honest review of a vendor not flaired on this subdread however no DD info may be included in that review. The vendor name may be mentioned as well as any dnm market that he has listings on but no wickr, telegram, pastebin, protonmail, etc contact info.

Some members have been using good experience reports as a way to circumvent the rule and in effect advertise for what could actually be a scammer.

Reviews of vendors not recognized on this subdread are a good way to introduce the community to possible new choices or names to avoid but there is no excuse for providing DD contact info. If Sammy, not flaired as a vendor here, is mentioned as being on XYZ known dnm market the community is smart enough to find him on their own.

Yesterday there was a spamming of such content by a brand new account and the ads were posted in comments rather than topics making cleaning up the mess more difficult. If you click the report button in such instances it would be greatly appreciated and your name will remain anonymous.

Thank you!