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clean bitcoin

by /u/Saskia · 2 votes · 2 months ago

does anyone can explain how i can clean bitcoin and cash out them ?

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/u/TORCashExchange · 1 votes · 2 months ago · Link

Check out my post on the top of /d/Laundromat, its pinned at the top of the page.

To put it simply, you will never be able to actually clean your bitcoin. It just wont happen. The problem with bitcoin is that there is a public blockchain that you just cant get rid of. You can trade for clean coins through an exchange, or get clean coins from mining, but if it was obtained through a market, or similar action, it will always be dirty.

There are some out there who will tell you to do a bitcoin/monero swap to break the chain and to swap back for "clean" coins, but once someone looks at the blockchain it will show it came from a high risk service (any exchange which deals in monero) and it will raise red flags. The last thing you want to do is put someone on your trail of past/future transactions. ESPECIALLY if youve ever used a KYC service.

Others will also tell you to cash out through cash in mail using an exchanger.. While this is a great option for buying bitcoin to use on a market (in small amounts only), it is a bad option for cashing out your bitcoin. You will be sending your crypto out (hopefully through escrow) and providing someone with an address where you will need to go to physically pick up your cash, your cash is then given to a third party, either government (postal) or private (DHL, FedEx, etc.), to be delivered.. Too much can go wrong here and comes with a lot of risk on your part. Look up Operation Dark Gold if you've never heard of it.

My advice is simple: To buy bitcoin or XMR (preferred) for use on a market, go to a peer to peer exchange (Localmonero, agoradesk, Bisq) and buy using cash in mail or face to face. To sell your bitcoin, go to a peer to peer exchange and find someone who will buy your coins face to face. I know this is where I will get some hate, but the reason being is simple.. You control your anonymity in this situation. Wear a facemask (blame covid), wear a hat, hoodie, baggy clothes, etc. to change the way you look. Assess the situation and only proceed if you feel comfortable. You are under no obligation to exchange money until it changes hands.

If you need help cashing out, im available and willing to travel (including internationally) as long as the amount is worth it. Let me know.

/u/suzie · 0 votes · 2 months ago · Link


Just sell them on any P2P exchange or I can help you with that too.

Lets talk @ suzzzzie