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by /u/stickykitty ⭐ Star Vendor ⭐ · 1 votes · 6 days ago

Ok we have a bunch of slightly older stuff (talking a few months, not super old) and want to give it all away to make room for all the new stuff we have recently acquired. Here's the contest:

1. Make a Reply to this post and state what you think are *the solutions to the problems facing the world*. Yeah, it's a kind of impossible question lol, and ridiculous answers are welcome, but so are serious ones.

1b. Start your Reply with *all caps*: 'STICKYKITTY 2024' - so I can weed out the knuckle draggers ;-)

2. We will all vote, by Replying to your favorite answer that is not your own. If you post an Reply/answer to the question you *must also* Reply to someone else's answer, or your entry will not be eligible. One vote per person, no new account votes will be eligible, up/down votes do not count as votes.

3. Whichever answers get the most replies will win. At least three winners, probably more. Here are some of the prizes.

- a few different 2 ounce/56g packs of greenhouse flower.

- a couple 1 ounce packs of nice indoor

- a pack of dispensary gummies (I think there are like 5 boxes in it)

- a 25 pack of our Chocolate Fuckery - cannabis edibles

4. Will run this for around a week, winners chosen next weekend, shipping the following week. Open to USA and International buyers (will ask international to pay for shipping).

That's it, should be interesting!



Potent and delicious. Proper cure and tight trim.

• ICE CREAM CAKE - new crop just in 13 July 22, step up from previous.

• GARY PAYTON - one last pack, 40g with ~10g of shake, the rest buds. Will sell as one ounce/28 grams.

• RUNTZ - small buds but delicious and very potent, 2oz/56g only, already made up in international decoy.

56 grams = $360

28 grams = $200

14 grams = $110

PICTURES: https://ibb.co/album/hcKMvM

• DO-SI-LATO - cross of Do-Si-Do x Gelato 33. Indica dominant hybrid. Fresh crop, nice big buds. Citrus and fruit.

• WHITE CANDY - 50/50 hybrid, very potent and VERY smelly, with citrus sweet/sour thing going on, hints of pine and soap. Proper cure and tight trim.

56 grams = $440

28 grams = $250

14 grams = $140




TROPICANNA - A true exotic, Sativa dominant hybrid, beautiful and very potent, freshly trimmed with perfect cure. Strong fruit/grape, creamy vanilla, hints of lavender and mint.

56 grams = $550

28 grams = $300

14 grams = $170

7 grams = $90



TOR: http://uoxqi4lrfqztugili7zzgygibs4xstehf5hohtkpyqcoyryweypzkwid.onion/?img=251659381710.jpg


Outdoor/Greenhouse/Light Dep Cannabis:

From our usual organic grower, very high quality we are used to. We are getting low on some of these, so let us know if you are OK with substitutions of equal quality.


• WEDDING CAKE - Indica dominant hybrid

• GUSH MINTZ - Indica dominant hybrid

• M.A.C. (Miracle Alien Cookies) - 50/50 hybrid

• WEDDING PIE - Indica dominant hybrid

• MODIFIED GRAPE - Indica dominant hybrid

(Strains below are already made up in 56g international product decoy, and cannot be split)

• SOMETHING BLUE - Indica dominant hybrid

• COOKIE CRASHER - Indica dominant hybrid

56 grams = $250

28 grams = $140

PICTURES: https://ibb.co/album/y45myf (WILL UPDATE ASAP)


Dispensary Cartridges

These come out of various Cali dispensaries (so *tested clean*). You can request Sativa or Indica, but we cannot promise anything as stock will vary a lot day to day. We cannot give exact brand in advance for OPSEC reasons, but USA buyers will get full packaging. International will probably only get the cartridges, or only partial packaging, depending on what we can fit in decoy. 510 thread, CCELL, one gram (1g)

Five (5) 'Regular' 1g Dispensary Cartridges: $280

These will usually be good quality distillate or other mid-range cartridge. We try to get the best quality/value we can, often can get nice CO2 carts for this tier.

Five (5) 'Premium' 1g Dispensary Cartridges: $420

These will usually be Live Resin or other high end cart with higher potency and more flavour than the Regular.

Can add two (2) cartridges to any flower order, $60/ea Regular, $90/ea Premium. Free battery with any 5x cart order, just ask for it.


Full Spectrum Cannabis Oil aka RSO

RSO (Rick Simpson Oil) made from a mix of tested ORGANIC trim. Aprox. 70% THC content, very low CBD content (less than 3%). We use ORGANIC food grade 200-proof grain alcohol as solvent. Very potent, start with no more than a grain a of rice sized dose. This oil is great for cooking with as well. Can be added to virtually any food that will mix in an oil.

Comes in either 1g/ml or 10g/ml syringes. You can request which size you prefer but we cannot promise we will have that size in stock. Put syringe in hot water for a few minutes if it is too thick to come out easily.

10g/ml = $150, with 20g/ml minimum for international.

20% discount for 50g/ml or more.



2g psilocybe cubensis in each, no dairy, made with dark chocolate, acai berry (superfood, gives you energy), cayenne pepper (helps you metabolize psilocybe). Eat one for a medium/strong trip, half for mellow visuals, more if you really want to go somewhere. These are wrapped in colored foil, look like commercial chocolates.

$24 each, or five (5) for $100.

*These are OK for summer shipping, very stable. If they are at all soft when you get them, just put them in fridge or in AC environment for a few hours BEFORE you unwrap them.*



USA: Free USPS 1st Class/$10 USPS Priority

INTERNATIONAL: USPS 1st Class w/ tracking $25

$200 minimum, two strain maximum for international. All packs get 3x vacuum seal and invoice/manifest with your name/address on it.

*For international we prefer to ship via USPS 1st Class, as it is safer. Tracking may or may not work inside your country. USPS Priority available for $60, no guarantees. USPS Express available for $100, no guarantees.

Alternate decoy available for some strains (ask us): flattened buds so pack is thin and looks/feels like documents. We can ship this USPS Priority or Express, which usually has tracking all the way to delivery.

**We are offering a test/dummy pack: will look and weigh exactly like our usual 56g/2oz pack but will have some fabric in place of the cannabis. You can see our decoy and see how your customs handles it. Cost is $100, with $50 credit if you decide to order actual cannabis pack.



Check current menu:




Email stickykitty@riseup.net - Message us with what you want, and which cryptocurrency you wish to use: BTC, LTC or XMR. We will get back to you ASAP (within 12 hours usually, 24 hours max.) with crypto address. * PLEASE ONLY PLACE AN ORDER WHEN YOU ALREADY HAVE CRYPTO READY TO SEND - within 24 hours*

Once payment is received we will ship your pack and let you know it is on the way. We will not scam you, we want to keep our customers for the long term. Please tell your friends! (Give them our email).


MELLOW MARKET - new cannabis only market


We are also on the following markets, but not super active due to low volume higher risk. If you must order from one of these, please also shoot us an email and let us know to log in:



BOHEMIA market:




USA/EU/UK: 50% refund or reship (at our discretion) if your pack is lost or seized before it reaches you. If tracking does not show show the problem, we will not offer refund/reship. Please understand this is to protect ourselves from scammers, which we have had to deal with in the past.

ALL OTHER COUNTRIES: There will be no refunds/reships FOR ANY REASON. *Order with this risk in mind.*



Primary email: stickykitty@riseup.net

Backup emails: stickykitty@protonmail.com

Use PGP if you can. Get a privacy oriented email, we will not deal with corporate email like Gmail or Yahoo, etc. Privnote.com is acceptable (disappearing notes) for your shipping info. if you can't do PGP.

Our PGP key:




















































Comments (19)
/u/teddybuggins420 🍼 · 1 votes · 6 days ago · Link


I think the honorable thing for our species to do is deny our programming, stop reproducing, walk hand in hand into extinction, one last midnight, brothers and sisters opting out of a raw deal.

/u/Bookedouxxx · 1 votes · 6 days ago · Link

I agree Teddy. Tell them like it is!

/u/neel420 · 0 votes · 6 days ago · Link

No matter how good it sounds, our species can never unite on one thing. Hell we won't be able to come to an agreement to one solution in this post let alone all the people on this planet to decide one thing. Let's hope with everyday passing we have more enlightened and lesser dummies

/u/neel420 · 1 votes · 6 days ago · Link


My answer might be controversial but true to many levels. We, humans, the most resilient, ever evolving species on this planet has proven to be capable of overcoming every problem thrown at us. Two years ago came Covid and the world came to a stand still and we saw a situation nobody ever thought in their dreams. But two years later, we are back to where we started as if it never happened and after millions dead we have not changed but only proven to be even more resilient than any virus alive. Making us the biggest virus this planet has ever witnessed. If we think about it, we act, reproduce and behave just like a virus which is impossible to kill and only keeps consuming the resources of it's host until the host is no longer useful(in this case our planet is the host) so the only solution to the humanly problem is if we stop existing coz until we exist, there is no way possible we ever unite, work together for a better tomorrow as there is always a bad apple in the basket especially with us humans. So let's hope we do find a solution better than what I suggest but this world/planet is better off without the human virus.

/u/bluehash1221 🍼 · 1 votes · 6 days ago · Link

a matter of time till theres is cure for us, since we are a virus to earth.

/u/Bookedouxxx · 1 votes · 6 days ago · Link


We need to unplug ourselves from the matrix.

...it's simple, really.

/u/bluehash1221 🍼 · 1 votes · 6 days ago · Link


I think we need a purge like the movie where everyone can do anything illegal one day a year. maybe it will solve some problems.

/u/GorillaMans 🍼 Jr Reviewer · 1 votes · 6 days ago · Link

America would be crazy with all the guns if we had a purge here! Definitely would help those with anger issues lol

/u/valleyheatoffical ⭐ Star Vendor ⭐ · 1 votes · 5 days ago · Link



I want free weed!

/u/turbulence0519 Weederator · 1 votes · 5 days ago · Link


I have no interesting reply, but I like this concept for a giveaway! Much love!

/u/GorillaMans 🍼 Jr Reviewer · 0 votes · 6 days ago · Link


Everyones gotta smoke on some of StickyKitty's flower and all those problems are gonna fade away :D

/u/booya666 · 1 votes · 6 days ago · Link

Lol true that, if the whole world gets stoned people would be too lazy to do stupid shit and fuck up the world.

/u/booya666 · 0 votes · 6 days ago · Link


It's actually really simple if you think, all people really need to do is get in touch with their actual human nature and not just focus on materialistic things in life. If we understand that we are all one and live together in harmony, there would be no more wars. All the things happening around the world today are only because people are greedy and selfish, they want everything, more than they need to survive. Once you start to understand that the materialistic things do more harm than good is when humans can actually get in touch with their true nature and live peacefully in this world without harming others.

/u/teddybuggins420 🍼 · 2 votes · 5 days ago · Link

The human species is a double edged sword that’s both capable of committing acts of great kindness as well as great evil. Idk its a battle of energies I feel like, but fuck the dark side for real tho

/u/zock420 · 0 votes · 5 days ago · Link


The only problem with EARTH is human beings

it was better if we evolve back to gorillas .,because some humans behave worst than animals

And to solve our problem

well i dont think gorillas have much problem in life

/u/tirkey001 · 2 votes · 5 days ago · Link

Everything is fine but then the biggest problem

We won't be able to smoke weed

/u/zock420 · 1 votes · 5 days ago · Link

yeah man then we should release weed in air so everyone is always high

and no need for becoming apes

/u/tirkey001 · 0 votes · 5 days ago · Link


SMOKE UP to understand this!!

The solution to all problems is understanding that problems are just a manifestation of what troubles you. Something that is a 'PROBLEM' to me might not be a problem to someone else.

We as a species need to forget that problems are problems and treat them as an obstacle. An obstacle in a race called life, that we have to run. Once we understand this, we will treat major problems in life like falling of a bike.

Yes we feel emotions as human but if everyone learns to supress their emotions and act on probabilities to decide what is the better decision, we might just win.

/u/zock420 · 0 votes · 5 days ago · Link

WOW man

You are really a deep thinker

you gave me a lot to think about