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d/hacking Chatroom!!! (Pinned post)

by /u/L3VITRON Moderator · 4 votes · 1 year ago

Hello my fellow hackers , like the title says I've enabled the chatroom in d/hacking so it's easier for you guys to ask questions , talk around , discuss about stuff.

Now go and have some fun :D

Basic Guidelines:

Try to keep all the convos there and shift to PM only when required

No doxing

No advertising

No spamming in the chatroom (May result in a 24 hour ban)

No simping

Post virustotal links along with the stuff you post

Be kind to newbies

Do not advertise about your services here and post it on Jobs4Crypto

Comments (56)
/u/itzcyder · 2 votes · 1 year ago · Link

How do I access the chatroom I am a noob?

/u/[deleted] · 2 votes · 1 year ago · Link

you know Ive never figured that out either

/u/strace · 2 votes · 1 year ago · Link

Click on menu button (3 horizontal lines on the top right of your tor browser), frame should slide out from the right side where you'll see a chatroom button.

/u/[deleted] · 1 votes · 1 year ago · Link

Is this a joke? (I'm really gullible) I've looked all over the page html & css and can't find anything that'd launch a chat room or a sidebar that isn't static.

/u/IamLeafman · 1 votes · 1 year ago · Link

hahahahah:) you made me laugh hard.

/u/strace · 1 votes · 1 year ago · Link

No it's not a joke. You should already see an open frame on the right side of your browser titled /d/hacking with three buttons underneath, the 3rd one being a "chatroom" button.

If you don't see the right side frame then it's hidden and can be opened the way I described.

/u/[deleted] · 2 votes · 11 months ago · Link

maybe if i shake my computer harder it'll slide out...

/u/strace · 1 votes · 11 months ago · Link

Take a screenshot of your browser window and post it.

/u/[deleted] · 1 votes · 11 months ago · Link

Oh now I see it! Thanks!

/u/thedigitalbandit · 1 votes · 2 months ago · Link

For me I dont see the 'chatroom' button, how can I find it?

/u/strace · 1 votes · 2 months ago · Link

Look harder because it's there.

If you still cant find it take a screenshot and post it:


/u/fuckyoukaren · 0 votes · 8 months ago · Link

You need to post your bitcoin wallet and credit card information on /d/dread sub and put a title rape me if you can, you should be noted and good to go

/u/SimonJames · 2 votes · 10 months ago · Link

does someone have cell tracing software, trying to find my fauther

/u/gh07t · 2 votes · 9 months ago · Link

i am guilty of laughing at this one.

/u/L3VITRON Moderator OP · 1 votes · 9 months ago · Link

lol ikr

/u/Dark_Valley · 2 votes · 3 months ago · Link

how comes the website got no captcha what happened to your security.

/u/sanspedro · 1 votes · 11 months ago · Link

I have a question, my wife is hiding something and has been acting very suspicious lately, she has an iphone, and I want to get into it. What can I do,? She keeps it by her side 24/7, I caught her cheating a year ago and thought things were doing better but she's acting funny again.

/u/strace · 4 votes · 11 months ago · Link

Cut her loose.

/u/SameSame · 3 votes · 10 months ago · Link

Sometime it's better not to see the detail.

/u/[deleted] · 3 votes · 7 months ago · Link

she belongs to the streets

/u/quantumpoohbear · 1 votes · 1 month ago · Link

trust isn't there, you should break up with her for both your health my friend.

/u/saucybg44 · 1 votes · 7 months ago · Link

Please how can I hack facebook and Instagram accounts with termux

/u/LegendLoki · 1 votes · 6 months ago · Link

hai guyz im noob love to have a buddy who will guide me hacking and other stuff love to make new friends also and the capcha of this site is very anoying lol

/u/Karenstopper · 1 votes · 5 months ago · Link

So this website has no captcha and looks like it could be vulnerable to SQL injections. If anyone wants to have fun with it would highly encorage.


Fwiw, also dont like their busy body attitude and trying to restrict what people do with their own property.

/u/ripperinn · 1 votes · 5 months ago · Link

Hello Any one here to tell me the pegasus spyware where i can buy this ? :D

/u/SinkNSwim · 1 votes · 5 months ago · Link

Looking for skills out of necessity here... This girl has hacked my wifi, 4 cellphones (android), stolen several accounts...She doesn't take money so none of the "companies" give a shit. I need help finding something to positively ID her with. My gateway has been replaced and the firewall set on high with UPnP disabled yet one of my cable boxes keeps offering up a port. My android 's sim card says its GSM when it should be CDMA. I know for a fact that she has been logging into my google and microsoft accounts no matter how often I change passwords (using Bitwarden). And "her" phone continues to show up from 40 miles away on my wifi and google accounts using my local IP. Any advice or direction? I want blood, not just security at this point.

/u/Sovalkovo · 1 votes · 5 months ago · Link

First thought is u got a Rat on some of your Devices. I know from programs like "Spyera", which have the ability to become completly undetected on e.g. Your Phone. That Programs has also a Feature where you can be connected to an wifi instead of using cellphonedata traffic. That brings me to this idea.

That Software is very complicated to detect. In my case, i created an Account there when i was suspicios of beeing monitored,i tried to install the Software and voila, it was Not possible to install because it already was.

Perhaps not the best practise to find that out. Someone here perhaps has a better idea of finding out if you are infected with this.

If you are, then you got a Chance to find out whos the Person behind it. Every install creates a unique key on the device which identifies the licence which is used to Monitor from their Website, which is possibly connected to a clear name. If you have this evedience, you possibly could make a legal case though your officals and get Information from the comapnies such as Spyera.

/u/Sovalkovo · 1 votes · 5 months ago · Link

I want to Access a Gmail Account of a Former collegue, to have a little revange on what they did to me.

I have a clear target, and i know the private Gmail Email Adress.

Any ideas how to deploy a complete anonymous phishing site and social hacking this Person into the trap. Or has anyone already the infrastructure to deploy such a trap?

Additional i have many personal Information about intrests, which should make it easy to trap the Person

/u/A1_ · 2 votes · 4 months ago · Link

Dont want to pay? ngrok. serveo. netlify + pythonanywhere (personal favorite), tough they all look super sketchy and will get picked up by av if they have one, they are free and not that bad, it really depends on how good your social engineering is, if you want to pay buy a namecheap domain with crypto and set up your phishing page, again it wont matter if you are able to clone the exact facebook url it all depends on your social engineering, if you say shit like "hey is this you?" "can you help me with this survey?' or shit like that u will not be able to phish anything, its 80% about social engineering when it comes to phishing

/u/Kloromis · 1 votes · 5 months ago · Link

Sup y'all, so yeah I'm new ova there and I am looking for a great homie who can teach me some funny stuff with hacking (Ik nothing about hacking) ngl kinda bored of doing nothing.

/u/liquidcash · 1 votes · 3 months ago · Link

Out of curiosity. Has enybody responded?

/u/sasori · 1 votes · 5 months ago · Link


I lost my email "hotmail" info, i didn't use it since 2014 and i want to recover it, i tried many passwords that i used that days, but unfortunately no luck, and they blocked me from accessing it.

bad news i forgot the security answer also.

/u/A1_ · 1 votes · 4 months ago · Link

dehashed or hibp

/u/Nagan · 1 votes · 3 months ago · Link

What is the topic ?

/u/Nagan · 1 votes · 3 months ago · Link


/u/BURN · 1 votes · 3 months ago · Link

DOE someone now how to make a fake covid-passeport in CAN

/u/nymmers · 1 votes · 2 weeks ago · Link

Did you figure it out? If no PM me

/u/dmac0525 · 1 votes · 3 months ago · Link

Hey Im trying learn my way around computers and i have a very vague knowledge of them. What should i do if i want to really learn my way around them. I would eventually like to learn how to code and if possible learn to hack. Any suggestions?

/u/Mobility · 1 votes · 3 months ago · Link

Niggurs, am new here, I have so much desire for learning Hacking, can I find a good teacher here?

/u/L3VITRON Moderator OP · 3 votes · 3 months ago · Link

sorry racist , there ain't any good teachers here.

/u/lollipop · 1 votes · 3 months ago · Link

I have a question. Is someone in knowledge how to hack instagram accs or whatsapps from someone or paypal, bitcoin adresses etc.? Im a beginner and have no idea where to start to learn smth like that ...

/u/exoticnarcotic · 1 votes · 3 months ago · Link

I'm new here... will someone please teach me how to hack into hotel databases

/u/leap · 1 votes · 3 months ago · Link

Learn SQL.

/u/ · 1 votes · 2 months ago · Link

Looking for ransomware as a service and someone who offers a sample so I know it's not going to get detected by a decent AV

/u/PaygetPayget · 1 votes · 2 months ago · Link

Hi where!!! Is it really possible to hack Instagram?

/u/pete_cg · 1 votes · 1 month ago · Link

yes, You can do phishing using ngrok

/u/PaygetPayget · 1 votes · 1 month ago · Link

thanks my dear friend, I will try to explore

/u/ahomielinuxuser · 1 votes · 2 months ago · Link

does someone know how to get passed school admin so I can watch youtube on my chromebook I thought about making a rasperry pi vpn but is there other ways ? to get passed admin ?

/u/ikku · 1 votes · 2 months ago · Link

hello, im starting to learn hacking, maybe someone would be able to help me?

/u/dknightms · 1 votes · 1 month ago · Link

My question is - of all the hackers on the DNW, why is it so difficult to find someone legitimate to perform services? When you look on Jobs4Crypto, there is never anyone who offers legitimate services. Why? I can't seem to understand why there is not one person who will legitimately perform this service for crypto.

/u/AshThePrime · 1 votes · 1 month ago · Link

Hello Guys! I can't see chat room button either...

/u/AshThePrime · 1 votes · 1 month ago · Link

How to do that? how can I launch ChatRoom??

/u/brookybanana · 0 votes · 7 months ago · Link


/u/Kasarg · 0 votes · 7 months ago · Link

you should probably rubber ducky into their servers and do it by yourself

/u/exoticnarcotic · 1 votes · 3 months ago · Link

How can i do it by myself. I know nothing about how to hack into anything. Hints on why I am asking for someone to help me learn.

/u/quantumpoohbear · 1 votes · 1 month ago · Link

click "newbie? start here"