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Decoys - why Are They Not Standardized Across DNM's?

by /u/jester0249 · 4 votes · 1 week ago

A decoy is simply making the package appear as of its something else. It can be as easy as writing "10mg/ml NIC Cherry Frost" on solutions rather than the chemical name.

Or a magazine with a little packet of po2der in between the pages.

They can get really expansive and creative for larger or more risky shipments.

Back on SL1 they seemed to be a standard. I remember some really genius ones. I think defoys are a critical part of Stealth, no matter the size or cost of the product. It doesent have to be complicated at all.

Ive seen recent just straight blacked out shipping envelopes, not inside a normal USPS one but an all black enevelope with a label. We have grown accustomed to.domestic means no risk and thats a straight up fallacy.

Vendors start to think about cheap effective defoys for all paxkages, domestic included if tou aren't already doing so.

Buyers start asking for this on every order and offer simple but effective ideas. When they say no I don't use them its domestic not needed, offer to pay an extra 10 or 15 for it.

When did stealth all the sudden become the 4th or 5th most important part of someone's order? It should always be NUMBER 1, and Decoys should be just as important.

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/u/Shakybeats M · 2 votes · 1 week ago · Link

Agreed. There is still some vendors that use decoys, but I've wondered why more don't include a decoy. In this day, it's not hard to make it look like a package purchased from Ebay, or some small online shop. It doesn't have to be over complicated like the old drugs in a stuffed animal, or drugs in a empty shell. It can be as simple as a packing note saying Thank you for your supporting our business! Please be sure to check out our other spices, and herbs! or Thanks for following our newsletter! Make some generic news letter, here is your monthly gift for supporting us!

/u/Xansexual_Maniac · 1 votes · 1 week ago · Link

If law enforcement is already opening your pack, a note like that isn't gonna stop them. THis one vendor puts "Love mom & Dad dont open this without callking us first!" like wtf? The postal inspector is just gonna be like ahhh shit we dont have his parents phone number = we cant open this package any further than we alreadyu have

/u/sierraleone · 2 votes · 1 week ago · Link

In Sierra opinion everything is about:

-time (shipments would take more time to prepare, all over is an additional 1-2 hours of work)

-money (proper decoy is an additional cost)

For additional reasons, I can also mention:

-it's difficult to adjust decoy to the ordered quantity and product.

Honestly I don't think decoy matters at all, if shipment catch attention of dogs or sensors, 'll be thoroughly inspected.

Shipping game is like roulette.Dogs can find corpses after a few days, why shouldn't they find drugs.Does anyone else believe in "anti dog spray" or "anti x-ray mylar bag

? Everything is based on the impossibility of inspecting all shipments. (It's the same as with containers).

/u/DHLGermany P · 1 votes · 1 week ago · Link

Exactly this, making it look super legit using the right kind of sender shipping methode professional labels etc

makes the diff, outside stealth more important then decoys which online give a false sense of security

/u/socat2me · 1 votes · 1 week ago · Link

I mean, if we're talking domestic the most important things are that the package doesn't feel or look suspicious. A decoy isn't going to do much. I say this because in order for a package to be searched a US Postal Inspector has to obtain a federal search warrant, which requires probable cause, and therefore if this has happened you were already fucked before it was even opened.

The only other purposes would be opening it in front of someone, or if your package gets mis-delivered to someone else who opens it, but those are really outliers from the norm.

International is a completely different story. They have all kinds of crazy ass equipment and can open anything at random, they don't need any kind of warrant or anything.

That being said I've seen some vendors offer decoys as a shipping option, which is a nice touch.