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dispute question.

by /u/chapopicasso · 2 votes · 1 week ago

* sorry in advance if this question is a common one or considered common sense to anyone reading, its my second order ever made so i want to be fair as possible to the vendor. i am new to this and they clearly arent being a vendor so i know theres a better chance of me making a mistake instead of them.

i made 2 orders to 2 seperate locations, 1st one was flawless - second one never showed up ( 2 different vendors )

about 10 days in, i disputed and a few days later recieved the tracking

according to the tracking, it made it to the doorstep in the first few days

i went to the front office of the apt complex and apparently they no longer hold onto packages

* what i do remember now, i ordered a couple pounds of cbd online to the same address and the package ended up at the ups access point closest to their. is it possibily their considering it doesnt say so on the tracking or mention anything out the ordinary? looks as if it delivered with no problem.

the vendor is decently well known, and has reviews on alphabay full of happy customers. but here on dread, in the last month or so, there is 1 or 2 people claiming to have been scammed - and a decent amount of people saying that he "fell off" and things of that nature.

1ST QUESTION - is it a possibility that vendors are sending empty packages out to random addresses in the same zip code & city to be able to win disputes?

2ND QUESTION - do i finalize the order based on being sent tracking of the package delivering regardless of ever seeing the package?

i dont want to be a hassle to the vendor if they did everything corrrect - knowing i'm new to reupping thru markets im giving the vendor the benefit of doubt, but hearing people on dread claiming he "fell off" and the few saying theyve been scammed makes me question being a victim as well.

any response is much appreciated, thanks to all who have given some time of their day to helping out my situation.

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/u/Paris A · 1 votes · 1 week ago · Link

Don't finalize an order you did not receive. Just dispute and explain that you just didn't get the package. Vendors do ship dead packages and provide fake tracking as well. Not saying that is the case, but it can be.