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EMV Chip Cloning ... DOES IT REALLY WORKS? Nope! (Pinned post)

by /u/CCWhite · 30 votes · 5 months ago

Hello everyone.

Given the HUGE amount of info spread on this theme, I'd like to give a quick heads up regarding EMV chip cloning.

So first things first - in 2022, it's impossible to clone 1:1 an EMV chip.

EMV chip is a small microprocessor. It runs a specific application.

They don't just output the same response every time.

They're a challenge-response system: they work by reading a "challenge" message from the terminal, doing some computation within the chip, and then outputting a unique "response" message back.

You can't just read what it knows, but you can 'ask' it 'questions' by issuing commands from the EMV set, and see what it returns.

In order to fully clone an EMV chip, you need to know the secret that's stored inside it.

All EMV cards already contains an Issuer Master Key, but to create an ARQC for a particular transaction, two new keys are required:

1) Card Key

2) Session Key.

Each EMV scheme (such as Mastercard and Visa Chips) has its own algorithm for generation of the card key and/ or the session key.

Some of these algorithms are standardized and part of the EMV specification while some others are proprietary with the vendor, and therefore, not accessible.

This means = no correct ARQC is being generated.

Last but not at least: EMVCo certification!

What is it? EMVCo certifications are required to enable EMV payment. Without Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 certifications, you won't be able to succeed with EMV payments.

I hope this post was helpful for most of the people still getting ripped hard by the same scammers year after year.

X, Foundry, and the best of all: - these are all scams deployed by the same guy hiding himself under the nick: TitusKing - selling softwares and letting people think that they can truly set a valid ATR and load a valid IST on their blank java cards... LOL

@Titus - Since I know that you're daily active on EMV discussions here on Dread, but I still don't know your username here - this is James here, stop scamming people, I think over 2 millions of dollars being ripped off from people is enough now.

@Scammers - Stop trying to scam the already-scammed people from player 1 here above on the top of that.

@Rest of people - stop trying to get rich quickly, and simply realize that EMV cloning is not possible.

You'll still see the "We're unable to complete this transaction" error (or similar).

Dumps are sometimes real (if your vendor is truly skimming himself), but only if you write the tracks on magstripe and swipe on POS devices you'll MAYBE succeed (success ratio = 50/50)

Cashout videos are all fake. If you see someone sending you a video of a blank JCOP that eventually hit, they warmed up the back of their own bank card with a Heat Gun, the glue used to fix the EMV chip on the card melts, and you can simply put your own EMV chip on a blank card, and "proof" your cashout. (Chip Swipe).

Luckily, the majority of the bank cards around nowadays have an NFC function, that makes this chip swipe impossible because the contactless antenna is practically impossible to remove from the plastic without destroying it. This will get the chip damaged and you can't use it anymore, so the transfer won't work (hopefully people reading this won't try to scam even more people cause this cheap workaround it's not going to work anymore nowadays).

Most scammers in this vertical would probably hate me for this, but from the other side I hope the people that will read this (hopefully) will genuinely leave me an up vote for my truth and transparency here.

Out there are a lot of more ways to do money with frauds.

Don't get fooled.

Keep reading, keep learning. Get rich or die tryin'

P.S: Sorry for any grammatical fail, but I'm not willing to read this all again, today.



Comments (37)
/u/crystal · 2 votes · 5 months ago · Link

Well said.

Although I would think that by this point anyone that has any experience whatsoever would know this already.

Knowledge is power, so as always the only ones falling for it are the wannabees looking to get rich overnight with ze 'big haxor carding!!' without taking time to study the technology behind anything that they are attempting to do.

/u/CCWhite OP · 1 votes · 5 months ago · Link

You got that!

/u/_RebelArms · 1 votes · 4 months ago · Link

Where are the sources for legit study material? All the old school forums are gone or fedpots.

/u/usrngnerico · 2 votes · 5 months ago · Link

Thanks for this, a few days ago i was started thinking how to clone the nfc of the cards (contactless?) and if is that posibly go to ATM ans cashout but thanks for the information i will continue exploring other forms to make money hahaha ;) hopefully i didn't waste any money in fake tools and all of that.

/u/iSellPizza · 2 votes · 5 months ago · Link

Good information. Upvoting.

/u/CCWhite OP · 1 votes · 5 months ago · Link

Thanks :)

/u/elmagico69 · 2 votes · 5 months ago · Link

Thanks for posting this. New comers after watching tiktok start posting for cloning and getting scammed increased a lot .

/u/Pixels MOD · 2 votes · 5 months ago · Link

Pinned up.

OP /u/CCWhite, its worth checking out Dread formatting features in order to beautify your post even further.

/u/CCWhite OP · 1 votes · 5 months ago · Link

Thanks :) Much appreciated.

/u/ByAnyMeans101 · 1 votes · 5 months ago · Link

thanks for this ! def was scammed for that atr tool 2.0 bullshit and other programs trynna figure this out smh I tell people all the time emv cloning is fake and if it is real nobody is sharing for a cheap price

wasted so much money in the past on this lol

/u/CCWhite OP · 2 votes · 5 months ago · Link

Thanks for your words!

Hopefully you recovered your loss.


/u/ludiq · 1 votes · 5 months ago · Link


/u/AutoModerator M Scam Watcher · 1 votes · 5 months ago · Link

No sharing wickr or asking to contact via wickr

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/u/ludiq · 1 votes · 5 months ago · Link

I have an offer. I would like to find people who might be right for this: people with BANK ACCOUNTS: US|CAD|AUS|EU|UK.

I work with transfers like ACH payment type of transfers (US), direct deposits (CAD), domestic wires (AUS) + instant NAB / ANZ transfers + transferwise + Revolut (EU). Also Instant SEPA (if your bank accepts it), IBAN transfers, iDeal payment processor.

Looking forward to find people who are able to collaborate over long term. I'm not after single time thing. I'll be happy to explain everything about sourcing of those payments in direct conversation:

I'm online on wick r 24/7

Contact me for more info

/u/lulu11 · 1 votes · 4 months ago · Link

Would have joined if it was else than the mentioned areas (US|CAD|AUS|EU|UK)

unfortunately I'm not from any lol

/u/Prettycatgirl · 1 votes · 5 months ago · Link

wow... these forums are really important to scroll through because ive been working so hard to crack and hit a dump clone and it give me this error every time smh

/u/ceaser456 · 1 votes · 5 months ago · Link

so it means the dumbs with pin is officially dead.

/u/CCWhite OP · 1 votes · 5 months ago · Link

Please read again the post to figure out what you can do with your "dumbs" with PIN.

/u/ceaser456 · 1 votes · 5 months ago · Link

i just wanted to try these dumbs, after reading your post now i think they are frauds who is selling the dumbs

/u/jj203ssshooter · 1 votes · 4 months ago · Link

i hope youre joking u cant be that slow. u can still card with a pin jus only on POS machines and even then he says its only gonna work half the time

/u/mulled · 1 votes · 5 months ago · Link

Cross-post from /d/fraud

tl;dr: EMV is a form of OTP.

Can anyone confirm if Cambodia still uses magstripe ATMs? Thailand made EMV mandatory for ATM withdrawals in January 2020, but it looks like Cambodia is only just introducing EMV machines.

/u/GTR420 · 1 votes · 5 months ago · Link

USA still does. 100

/u/Austinryan · 1 votes · 5 months ago · Link


/u/AutoModerator M Scam Watcher · 1 votes · 5 months ago · Link

No sharing whatsapp or asking guys to contacat via whatsapp

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/u/drethedino · 1 votes · 5 months ago · Link

Bro, do you mean getting legit vendors is impossible or clone cards are impossible in 2022. I mean do you say no Legit Vendor Exist ?

/u/CCWhite OP · 1 votes · 5 months ago · Link

For real man?

I gave on this post a full explanation why it's not possible to clone emv chips, and you come with such questions?

/u/drethedino · 1 votes · 5 months ago · Link

Yo ! that was really helpful and made clear that it's not possible sorry ! I was suppose to ask some other thing. But cannot these people grab the data from EMV cards & copy it to magnetic strip ?

/u/Pascalx · 1 votes · 5 months ago · Link

Taking EMV part out of the picture, can we still clone to mag strip and swip instore and such?

/u/Green44 · 1 votes · 4 months ago · Link


/u/le_professionnel P · 1 votes · 4 months ago · Link

Of cource you can't clone EMV 1:1, maybe when quantum computing will arrive than will something happen, Am I right ?

/u/CCWhite OP · 1 votes · 3 months ago · Link

Quantum computing it's already out there :)

/u/strxngxfruit · 1 votes · 5 months ago · Link

Number 1: Dumps and Pins always and always will be a scam. Why? Setting up skimmers to trap dumps and pins takes a long time in comparison to other things you could make money from. Once the skimmer and camera or bluetooth gets set up they normally get found quickly. Which is not going to give you enough time to trap alot of numbers. So if you do get dumps and pins from skimmers you are not going to get alot of numbers. The numbers you do get from the skimmers are not going to get you hundreds of thousands of dollars from each card. You will get cards with 5000 in one 200 in another, 2500 in another etc...The bottom line is after its all said and done there is not going to be enough money left on the cards in order for you to sell them.

Number 2: The second reason why dumps and pins is a scam is it makes no sense to sell a dump+pin for 200-500 per card when I can go recruit some strippers and some prostitutes to cash out the cards for me and give them 200-500 and get 2000-5000 for the day....why would I sell 5000 dollars on a dump+pin card to you for 200 when I can have a prostitutes or strippers cash out 5000 for 200-500. Be serious.

Number 3: The main reason dump+pin is a scam is because it simply does not work and its a scam and always has been for the past 10 years. Noone has ever bought dump+pin from vendors and cashed them out..NOONE!!! What some people were doing is they would sell you bank drops that they would create themselves and sell it to someone for 1000 and then when you cash out 400 they close the card down..people will think because they cashout 400 then it must work..then they buy another one for 1000...they let you cashout out 400...again....then close the card..then you buy another one for 1500...but this time the card does not work at all...then the vendor blocks you...

Get over it already. If you had dumps+pin from skimmers then you were cashing them out for yourself...You would never sell something valuable like that on the darkmarket. NEVER!!!!

The emv chip clone used to work when emv first launched because of bugs in the emv system at the bank level...without getting technical there were not validating certain things which allowed hackers to middle man the process and make the POS system think the real pin was entered when it really wasnt. Another reason why emv clones used to work when it was first launched was another bug was in the system that would not check the basically that was the thing which made emv secure was the cvv3 everytime the emv is used a new cvv3 would be created by the chip but CERTAIN banks (not all of them) would NOT check the if you knew which banks were slippin you could target those bins and clone emvs and cash out...otherwise the only way to cashout emv is to write the 201 card track found in the emv on the mag strip...then punch a hole in the chip or burn it to disable it then try to cash out...but just like the author said...its a 50/50 chance...and alot of it has to do with what you are writing the cards with...most people are going to buy a cheap reader and writer and the POS systems can pick up if the card was rewritten because the cheap reader and writers do not do a good job at writing the cards...

if you are stuck on clone something then your best bet is to setup your own skimmers and clone your own dump+pin cards or setup your own NFC skimmer and cashout with NfC...

If you keep looking for vendors to sell you number so you can clone you will get burned like everyone else for the last 10 years...Its not gonna happen and when you ask vendors if they have dumps+pins that gives them the green light that you are gullible and easy to scam.

/u/GTR420 · 1 votes · 5 months ago · Link

i second this dude above me. But you can still clone them need those certs and learn java script and alot of money to get the software and knowledge because no one is going to tell ya. Also remember yall you can

clone non EMV ccs there still out there i do it daily. alot of trial and error. start like this clone your own cc mess chip up i microwave it for 2 seconds thats it if longer it will fuck whole chip up and be noticeable. Now go to small ATMS in random places and try your luck if it does it blow that bitch up! Reason for clone your own cc is you wont get into trouble if caught. There are still ATMS that revert still to mag if EMV isnt working. But like i said its alot of trial and error. Also to get these ccs your gonna have to do it yourself nobody is gonna sell that type of info. Alot of work it takes to do this most quit just stick to it and it will pay off. If you want something these days homie u gotta do it yourself its the ONLY WAY>

/u/hottboyy22 · 1 votes · 3 months ago · Link

Hi all!

I bet your fed up of hearing this but I am fairly new to ccs. I worked more with working with companies in Europe and the uk.

So my knowledge on ccs is weak.

I would like to know if its still possible to buy cc details and upload them on to a blank card with a chip and mag stripe. I know you said because of emv its not possible to use the chip and pin anymore.

But you said the swipe is 50/50 Chance of going through. May I ask why is it a 50/50 chances for the swipe.

I can get pos machines for the companies I already have in hand but finding it difficult to bump into someone that's not a scammer and that actually loads accounts.

I'd be happy to get some good bank logs and do a split but thats kinda seems impossible too to find the right vendor.

Basically I would like to know is cloning cards actually finished for the time being until a loop unfolds. If so the what can you do with ccs and dumps apart from ordering a pizza hut lol

Thanks for taking the time to read this and would appreciate a reply.

/u/patern1 · 1 votes · 2 months ago · Link

i can get you bank logs bro

/u/William4 · 0 votes · 4 months ago · Link

[removed by moderators]

/u/slimshady · 0 votes · 4 months ago · Link

i decided to clone my own card, to see whats really up. followed the steps given and went to a non bank atm. i inserted card and was given the option of debit or credit. i chose 'debit' and entered pin. As anticipated, it couldn't complete the transaction. i was disappointed but thought f it, ill try again using the credit option. entered my pin and it dispensed the money. no frills, no bs but i have not tried again since that time. it took me a looong time to put it all together i admit