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experience which shelldrugs

by /u/smasher10 · 1 votes · 3 months ago

i had a order with shelldrugs of 300 grams of mdma, 2 weeks later i recieved the pack only to find he had shipped half of it. I followed it up and took about 4 days back and forth to get tracking for the other half, so when i got the other half of the tracking it said it had left country of origin and on the way to ukraine, wasnt even heading to my country at all and tracking was dogshit, ive seen fake bullshit before on a order from pablo escobar vendor, he kept saying its coming its coming and wait and if hadnt moved he would reship. So after a week nothing moved so i said to reship it then he started saying its on my countries tracking ect but laposte and 17track said its going to ukraine and that was his recommendation to use, ive always used 17track and parcelapp and never had any issues with it out of about 20 orders ect, so i wasnt waiting any longer and i also was copping bullshit stories and escrow was running out so i disputed and straight away he claimed it was seized in his country but tracking said it had left his country so was bullshit lies which he just proved. So he reshipped the 150g to me and i did get it which dogshit stealth shitty domestic stealth which i could smell it through the whole pack, and thank fuck it didnt get pulled up being in a strict customs country, i opened it up and he had wrote 125g on it so was shorted by 25g so i weighted and it was only 117 grams of mdma and oh i forgot to mention he was also short by 4 grams on the first pack also. Just thought id write my little review on this, product was good though and i did recieve but does not take alot of care in his packs at all and i wont be back going through him again

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/u/therealdudelebowski · 2 votes · 3 months ago · Link

this hurts to read

/u/shelldrugs P · 2 votes · 3 months ago · Link

i get lot of stories like this its heading to different country but it's not accurate, be patience and you will receive it. don't forget that i keep communicating with everyone.

i can ship you the short. just message me

/u/smasher10 OP · 1 votes · 3 months ago · Link

nah mate all good you just keep doing what your doing im going to count this as another loss, not worth the risk with the way you sent this pack other people can deal with you and recieve whatever and be shorted how much you decide to send them, even on your reviews on AB there is alot of customers getting shorted by you but they are also happy coz they got their drugs, as a customer if i order 300 grams i expect 300 grams that i paid for or very close to it, you were never sending the 150g as you wrote on it 125g mate and wasnt even 125g in it

/u/shelldrugs P · 1 votes · 3 months ago · Link

there is no way to scam you everything goes through escrow, i can send the rest if u want.