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few tips from my carding experience

by /u/blessup2021 · 5 votes · 1 week ago

Look into how sites communicate with the card issuer and how AVS works. Basically only the numbers you input into a site are verified, not the letters. The card number, exp, cvv, address number and the zip are verified, but not the cardholder name and street names. Visa has no system to verify the cardholders name so you can use any name with any card.

So if you carding in a way that requires you to show a id you can put the cardholders name to match your fake id and it'll go thru. And then with the addy because only the numbers are verified, if you could find a drop in the same zip with the same house number it'll go thru. Example if your cardholder addy is 123 high st atlanta ga 30301, you could put 123 south ave atlanta ga 30301 and it'll appear identical to the AVS system.

You could use a occupied house too if you can't find a vacant one and go knock and tell em your grandma lives 2 streets over and put the wrong address, show a email receipt too to seem more legit but you'd be good either way, easy method if you desperate. And I think some sites only verify the zip so you can get orders to ship to any drop in the same zip.

The only catch is if the actual cardholder ever used their card on the same site or one in the same network as the one you carding, most sites will detect that the card was being used with two different names/addresses and decline your order. And this only applies to visas as far as I know, pretty sure I read mastercard is the same way but can't say for sure on mc/discover/amex.

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/u/amgbenzz · 1 votes · 1 week ago · Link

So how does this work when carding with a CC from another state? With the proper setup as in VM/VPN/SOCKS5. Carding items with a CC from another state is still possible correct?

Im probably missing a few steps in the setup but you see where im getting at