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by /u/Thotbot MOD · 27 votes · 2 years ago

This is long overdue. Instead of spending days writing a comprehensive resource, I'm putting this up now in unfinished state and will be adding to it incrementally.

Have ideas on what can be added / improved? Leave a comment.

To clear up clutter in the sub I will remove new posts that are answered directly in this Faq.

How do I safely route my coins?

Exchange -> Monero wallet (on Tails or Whonix) -> Destination

More details in the following posts: [1], [2]

My vendor only accepts Bitcoin, what do I do?

Monero wallet -> Exchange service -> Destination


Monero wallet -> Exchange service -> Bitcoin wallet -> Destination

Use an instant exchange service over Tor to anonymously convert your Monero into Bitcoin.

Avoid sending directly from an exchange service to the destination if your order has a short timeout. The order may expire before payment arrives if the exchange is delayed for whatever reason. By first sending the Bitcoin to your personal wallet you have more control over when the payment is made. Make sure you convert enough to cover the extra transaction fees you will be paying.

A list of exchanges can be found here.

Is it safe to buy Monero directly on a KYC exchange?

For most threat models, yes.

Is it safer to buy Monero directly or to buy Bitcoin and convert it?

If possible for you, buying Monero directly should always be preferred.

As a rule of thumb: try to minimize your interactions with transparent blockchains (such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, etc) as much as possible.

How do I buy Monero anonymously?

Cash by mail on

How do I install a Monero wallet on Tails?

Check the guide here.

Why is my transaction not showing up?

- Is your wallet software on the latest version?

Some Monero updates are backwards incompatible, old versions stop working eventually.

- Is your wallet synchronized?

The wallet needs to scan the blockchain to find your transactions. Wait for this process to complete.

GUI: Check the status in the lower left hand corner.

Feather: The status bar should say "Synchronized"

- Does your transaction exist on a block explorer?

Go to and enter the txid of your transaction. If it doesn't show up something went wrong on the sending side, contact them to sort it out.

If your transaction shows up on a block explorer and your wallet is synchronized, try the following:


Tools -> Import transaction. Enter the txid of the transaction. Click "Load", then "Import". If the transaction belongs to the primary wallet account it should now show up in the history.


Go to Settings -> Info. Next to "Wallet restore height" click "Change", press Ok twice.

Wait for the wallet to resync. After it is done syncing your transaction should show up.

My outgoing transactions keep failing

Feather: Before closing the wallet, right click on the "Failed" transaction and select "Resend transaction". Wait for a few minutes until the transaction has 1 confirmation or try again.

GUI: Switch to a different node, go to Settings -> Wallet -> Rescan wallet balance, then try resending your transaction.

Failed transaction are caused by malfunctioning nodes. Whenever this happens please check which remote node you're connected to and message the mods so it can be removed.

Is it safe to connect to a remote node over Tor?

For most threat models, yes.

It is recommended to change your remote node between each session. Feather wallet does this automatically.

How do I run a full node on Tails?

Check the guide here.

How do I set up a public/private remote node?

Check the guide here.

Is there any way to speed up synchronization?

Switching to a different remote node will often help.

GUI: Follow the instructions here.

Feather: File -> Settings -> Node -> Double click on a different node.

How do I copy my address from Tails/Whonix to a different machine?
  • Save your address to a .txt file and use a second USB drive to transfer it over

  • Send a PGP encrypted e-mail to yourself using a throwaway e-mail service

  • Scan the QR code with a secondary device

My wallet keeps freezing / crashing

PM the mods with details, so we can work on a fix. Feather users please provide a copy of Help -> Debug info.

What happened to Morphscript / MorphToken?

MorphToken started blocking all Tor exit nodes. Morphscript no longer works on Tails/Whonix.

Consider using an alternative service from the list of exchanges.


Block explorers

Remote nodes

Check the list here.

Comments (24)
/u/ktoast11 · 3 votes · 2 years ago · Link

Great FAQ, just wanted to give a huge shoutout to /u/Thotbot for all the work he's done making XMR easier to use for everyone. Donate to feather if you can!

/u/Shakybeats M · 3 votes · 2 years ago · Link

I'm going to make sure this FAQ is added into the bible

/u/cestpaslafete · 1 votes · 2 years ago · Link

Cheers for taking the time to pull out such step-up FAQ.

Now let's assume than everyone could give xmr an easy try without issue, also no more excuse to not jumping over xmr right now, leaving btc for goods behinds.

/u/BigBrainTime · 1 votes · 2 years ago · Link

I use veryacrypt and windows for my monero. i run a full node and have my wallet files locked away in veryacrpt. maybe not as safe as tails but with moneros privacy i dont see a point really? Also use a paid for vpn so i suppose i put my trust in it. either way unless i become a vendor which i aint then this is a asafe set up for me and amkes things easier for purchasing

/u/8665minutewrap · 1 votes · 2 years ago · Link

When I click recieve to try to transfer my Monero in from Exodus which is where I converted it. It shows primary address and shows 8 numners and letters then .... then 8 more. It won't show me the full address. So how can I retrieve the address to be able to put in Exodus? I should state I am using 2 different computers. One with Tails on it and the Monero wallet, the another with Exodus.

/u/Thotbot MOD OP · 1 votes · 2 years ago · Link

There should be a button to copy the full address to the clipboard.

See the Q "How do I copy my address from Tails/Whonix to a different machine?" for tips on how to transfer addresses between machines.

/u/8665minutewrap · 1 votes · 2 years ago · Link

yes there was a copy to clipboard button but I couldn't find the clipboard when on Tails OS.

/u/8665minutewrap · 1 votes · 2 years ago · Link

Nvm I ended up figuring it out. If you want to update and put this in that area to answer that question. The easiest way to get address is to hit copy to clipboard then open Text Editor and hit paste and it will give u the full address instead of just 16 digits. Saves you from having to save it and put a new jump drive in and then put in the other computer and all that.

/u/Arvidvid · 1 votes · 2 years ago · Link

Great post

/u/650micrograms · 1 votes · 2 years ago · Link

Thank you very much for your contribution!

/u/dog MOD · 1 votes · 2 years ago · Link

This FAQ is great and absolutely necessary. Kudos.

On the "My vendor only accepts Bitcoin, what do I do?" section, I'd add a paragraph saying that if people really want to contribute to the project and everyone's privacy, then get in touch with your merchant/service provider and request them to accept Monero directly as payment. Ask the service provider to visit this community, the website and other communication channels if they need help with system integration.

/u/nsa_advisor · 1 votes · 2 years ago · Link

Good list of exchanges

/u/cocainecowboy88 · 1 votes · 2 years ago · Link

Our of curiosity do vendors an equivalent to bitcoin blending with Monero (XMR) ? Like will they take it from their wallet and use an equivalent of and send it back to themselves on a hardware wallet or exchange ?

/u/CambyGuy2021 · 1 votes · 2 years ago · Link

This helped me

/u/dukepyramidbumpyjr · 1 votes · 2 years ago · Link

great post thanks

/u/badasscrazy69 · 1 votes · 2 years ago · Link

hey bro ! sorry for bothering !

but the link to install monero just went down !

could anyone help me with the article ?

/u/Thotbot MOD OP · 1 votes · 2 years ago · Link

Should be up. check again.

/u/silentsound · 1 votes · 2 years ago · Link

I've been hearing about atomic swaps for a while, and recently have read that they have arrived. Is there a guide somewhere on how these work, how safe they are, and how to use them?

If there's no guide, where do you suggest I go to learn more?

/u/Vickie · 1 votes · 2 years ago · Link

Thanks for the FAQ really helpful

/u/Urchlad2200 · 1 votes · 1 year ago · Link

This is a amazing write up i learnt alot reading this . im currently doing a transaction of around 35 xmr and its at 119 confirmations and hasnt reached its destination yet.. how many confirmations do i need????

/u/Onehandwashes__ · 1 votes · 1 year ago · Link

/u/thotbot I'm not exactly sure if this is even what happen as I am unable to get details from drk0, clicking order cancelation failure to pay click for details notification just brings me to home page. Been up all night and still dont know exactly what happen open a ticket talk went through some channels just a waiting game and Im buggin sooo...

For argument sake lets take my completely idiotic rooky green ass mistake of a hypothesis as truth rn. Lets say I accidentally sent payment from my non custodial XMR wallet to ven's BTC address. Where is that coin? is it retreivble? I would obviously like it back not even the $1000 its more the clean coin and rushed timeline but if not I'd like to stop beating a dead horse.. I know I'm not the only one to do this even though its dumb soo any1? Help? Please?

"one hand washes_____ theeeee otherrrrrr" Id b glad to help you anyway I can obviously

Thats guys

Stay safe and triple check everything!! no working high, no working too late etc..


/u/BlackMarketplace · 1 votes · 1 year ago · Link

This is a perfect post, but unfortunately, many people may not bother to click through.

Because they're lazy. Because they want to get the answer straight away.

Thank you for sharing!

/u/d27Zg4Kz · 1 votes · 11 months ago · Link

I assume buying monero via bank transfer on local monero is equivalent to buying it on a kyc exchange and so sending monero from that wallet is anonymous?

/u/waxwing · 1 votes · 8 months ago · Link

Thank /u/Thotbot for a great Q and A really helped with my failed transaction.