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Genesis Market Help

by /u/unkn0wn_ · 2 votes · 1 week ago

I brought a Genesis Market Bot with PP Account, Cookies, and Login User/Pass, just to test the waters.

I brought the account damn near by accident. Im running Windows 10 Home, the Bot showed it was on Windows 10 Pro, am I fucked?

Im planning on Importing the Cookies on my browser to log into the Paypal account. But Im not sure if I should do that or even be able to since the Bot shows it was on Windows 10 Pro.

Should I: Get a Windows 10 Pro RDP with Victims Location? or, Just upgrade to Windows 10 Pro?

Or am I simply just good to login with browser cookies?

Someone with knowledge, please let me know what you suggest & help me. Thank you!

Comments (11)
/u/Twistler · 1 votes · 1 week ago · Link

It shouldn't matter if you need Pro or Home lol.

Also, let me know if the account works and if there is money in it please.

/u/unkn0wn_ OP · 1 votes · 1 week ago · Link

Thanks for response.

And fasho, I got you!

/u/Twistler · 1 votes · 1 week ago · Link

Thank you!

I've been looking into purchasing PayPal Logs but I haven't been able to find any legit sellers.

/u/ThePandora · 1 votes · 1 week ago · Link

use real hacked rdp from location

good luck

/u/unkn0wn_ OP · 1 votes · 1 week ago · Link

Tbh Im not planning on using RDP for this one. Im planning on just wiping out my browser with CCleaner, and hoping on VPN first, then Residential Proxy to match Victims location.

Let me know If this is incorrect though bro

/u/Twistler · 1 votes · 1 week ago · Link

You should look into SOCKS5 proxies. I heard they are non detectable like VPN's are. If a website detects you using a VPN, they may block you from accessing the account/taking out money. (Use both Proxies and VPN).

/u/Gostu · 1 votes · 1 week ago · Link

The windows version will show in the profile you throw into the plugin. No you don't physically need the exact windows version. User-agent and FP will do the work for you.

/u/lowjack69 · 1 votes · 1 week ago · Link

just download genesium browser or genesis security extension to use with an ungoogled chromium browser, asnd create a win10 fingerprint, load cookies in it, get ur socks5 set up and you're golden

/u/Twistler · 1 votes · 1 week ago · Link

Where to find download?

/u/kiloviper · 1 votes · 1 week ago · Link

The download is on the site, as is the security suite.

/u/klownkollege · 1 votes · 1 week ago · Link

no windows type will not matter at all carry on.

how does everyone feel about genesis market? is it good with reliable vendors? I havent used a market since joker. is it worth it?