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Genuine passport

by /u/Thefinaluser3 · -4 votes · 2 weeks ago

Hi Dread,

I’m soliciting your help to find a genuine passport vendor. I have searched every market that I knew but haven’t found anything.

I’m would need one who’s producing European passports, that I can travel with (even if it’s only for a one-way trip). The passport must pass all institutional checks.

I am rushed by the time and I would appreciate if one of you could help me find a trustworthy vendor, who knows what he’s doing and is doing it right.

I’ve submitted a similar post on DNMSourcing a few weeks ago. I received messages from several users; some of them introduced themselves as vendors while others provided me with the contact information of vendors they know. The ones that came out the most were PrimeGannon, Yetizealot and Kronos. Does anyone have useful information about them ? Also, I haven’t received a single message redirecting me towards a DNM’s vendor. Instead, I was forwarded to Telegram or Wickr. Do legitimate vendors actually use Telegram ? And if yes, how do I spot scammers ? Your help is highly appreciated. Thank you all for your valuable time.

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/u/rizz · 1 votes · 2 weeks ago · Link

I remember the first one lol

/u/abu-men · -2 votes · 2 weeks ago · Link