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Kilos provides search engine, XMR-BTC-LTC Swap, BTC Mixer, Small Fully Anonymous Forum, Live Chat, File hosting.

good service, if reading i recommend

by /u/mrpoopypants420 · 3 votes · 1 month ago

Just a question, what % of a cut do you take when converting BTC to XMR. Just so i can factor it, sorry if retard question and its posted lol

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/u/CaptainAmanita Moderator/Support · 2 votes · 1 month ago · Link

The fees are randomized from 3-5%, depending on exchange rates and the amount of swaps in our system. Once you create a swap, it should show you the exchange rate your swap will be conducted at, as well as your randomized fee percentage. If you do have any more questions feel free to let us know. Coupon codes automatically give the lowest rate/fee, and are randomly given out by chance to use on your next swap. I hope that helps!

We thank you for your kind patronage and support for the usage of our services. We hope to continue to have a successful business relationship and we strive to make each and every user of our services satisfied.

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/u/AncientIdai · 1 votes · 1 month ago · Link

i've used them a couple times before. it's always stressfull, but kilos is good.definitly reccomend.