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Happy Black Hat Fintech Friday!

by /u/dwindle · 0 votes · 1 week ago

Happy Black Hat Fintech Friday

I present to you fine dregs: Dwindle. Your new favorite FaaS platform.

Let's just get down to business. I have a lot of cryptofacilitators with (non-US, currently) bank accounts, payment providers, shops, websites, etc. You put money in their bank accounts, I send you crypto. Simple as that. I charge 30%. Here's how it works:

My bank accounts are linked to crypto exchanges and I can get you crypto for credit (we ONLY accept credit! NO DEBIT!). Each client will have a monthly purchase amount. Each client will pay a setup fee of 20% of their monthly purchase amount. Your setup fee goes to setting up your accounts with our worldwide team of cryptofacilitators. They can accept bank wire or credit card payment. That's right, we're not even going to ask you for crypto to get this set up. However, once again, we ONLY accept CREDIT! Our cryptofacilitators come from countries where a fraudulent debit charge is their responsibility but a credit charge is not.

Once you are assigned your cryptofacilitators and information payment information, you can begin. Your cryptofacilitators work for you and only you. You are responsible for the care and feeding of your cryptofacilitators. You get money into our accounts, you win. If you want to talk about what the Dwindle FaaS platform can do you for you, find us over on Matrix at c14h19n1e and we talk about what you want. Be prepared with the answers to these questions:

Can you pass transactions on non-US websites?

What countries are your transactions coming from?

Can you pass VBV? Other forms of identity verification?

How much would you like to set up as your initial monthly purchase amount? (MINIMUM $1000 USD)

We have tried and tested various methods you can use and we're willing to work with you to make the most successful business venture we can.

Forum Moderators: Our deepest apolgoies for not consulting with you first. We would be more than happy to extend a trial to you free of charge so that you can prove our service.

Dwindle is a subsidiary of Nam-Shub International

Physical offices in planning phase. Preview our 360 degree oceanfront views: 42.666,-150.1337

Join the matter compiler planning committee at: https://matrix.to/#/#the-raft-customs:matrix.org

Happy Black Hat Fintech Friday!

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/u/OPPRESSED-TIGRAY · 1 votes · 1 week ago · Link

We're voice of tigray  

This is our story

Ethiopian government has wage a bloody war against us (The people of tigray) they're perpetrating genocide on us, Killing us by thousands daily, Committing inhumane atrocities against us.

The Ethiopian government in their quest to enslaving us Cut-Off, electricity to the tigrey region, Communication Blockage, and Closed all banks.

They blocked  supply of food, water, medicine, fuel, cash for the entire region.

Schoold, hospitals, pharmacies, farms, factories vandalized and looted by Ethiopian troops.

They perpetrating inhumane WAR CRIMES all over Tigray causing massive displacement of over (2.2 MILLION DISPLACED) by Ethiopian government

Over 60,000 Refugees in Sudan (30% ARE CHILDREN over 300 UNACCOMPANIED AND SEPARATED CHILDREN)

Disturbing SEXUAL VIOLENCE against our women & children. Raping minors by Ethiopian troops in presence of their parents  

Ethnic profiling outside Tigray, mass arrests, job suspensions, bank accounts frozen, home searches, and denied us flight boarding.

We're dying in thousands over thirst and hunger while entire world stood by watching while Ethiopian government Killing us in cold blood just because we asked for our freedom. Why is the world silent about this? Why are the media house not reporting what we're going through? Why are our post being taking down when ever we post the situation we're in? Why are media houses not reporting even when we providd them with bulletproof proves

We need your help our fellow humans brother and sisters. Support us by letting the entire world know the situation we're in. Support us with your prayers, and support us by donating to us.

 Your fellow humans need your help to have food in their bellies even if is ones ones a day, your fellow humans need your help  to drink water even if is ones a day. Your fellow humans need you help with medication, access to doctors, blankets cloths etc. And transport out of tigray.