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by /u/gurkin Knowledge · 4 votes · 6 months ago

Drug use is not without its risks.

This thread is to help with tools so that you can party safely and have the support available to you when and if you need it.




Lifeline: 13 11 14


BeyondBlue: 1300 22 4636


MensLine Australia: 1300 78 99 78

FriendsLine: 1800 424 287

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/u/diondavenport69 · 1 votes · 6 months ago (Pinned post) · Link

It is also important to realise the amazing harm reduction and safer using services that can be found at you local, mostly peer run, drug user org (DUO).

I am most familar with what NSW and Vic peer orgs offer, but have listed all across Australia, so that you can get in contact with your state org and find out more about what they have to offer!

Victoria: Harm Reduction Vic

  • If you are pharmacotherapy (done, bupe, etc) they have an amazing telephone support line called PAMS 1800 443 844

  • Their DanceWize insta has super important drug alerts for Melb and worth following if you are in Victoria

  • They also have a bunch of useful resources on harm reduction and safer using

NSW: NSW users and AIDS Association (NUAA)

  • NUAA has free postal NSP. You can get your normal fits, tips and barrels, and filters BUT also free naloxone and fentanyl testing kits!

  • They also have drug alerts which are easiest to view through their DanceWize NSW site (scroll to bottom of page) but also follow their insta to stay up to date with alerts as they come out

  • PeerLine - the only peer-run telephone support line in the country for people who use drugs (but only for people in NSW). You can call about anything basically can call about anything drug, herm-reduction or treatment (kind of like ADIS but peer-run so not shit and judgemental). Reach them on 1800 644 413 or email

  • DanceWize NSW program also has a similar service accessible through their social media just DM them on or for any harm-reduction, drug specific info or support questions you might have!

  • NUAA also have a bunch of harm reduction and safer using resources

  • If you are in Sydney NUAA also has a low barrier health service that operates at their NSP on Crown St, no booking or medicare card needed (you don't even have to use your real name)!


I know less about what these org's do, but if you are in QLD give them a call and I am sure they will have some super helpful info!

QuIVAA | 07 3620 8111,issues%20affecting%20users%20in%20Queensland.

QuIHN | 1800172076


Once again know less about them but they have the best Indigenous representation out of all drug user orgs in the country.


Not to sure what they do but worth checking out if you are in the NT


Get in touch to find out more about what they offer.


Not to sure what they do but worth checking out if you are in the NT! I also know NT is starting its own DanceWize program that provides harm reduction education and a safe space at festivals (it is in its trial period but so far it has been a HUGE success)


Only unfunded drug user org in Aus. Can't find a lot of info on them, but if you are in Tassie defs worth looking them up.

Basically, do not underestimate the amazing services and help your local DUO can offer.

In particular HRVic and NUAA (especially NUAA) have HEAPS of harm reduction services and support they can offer you (and are the best funded of these orgs).

/u/triangulation · 2 votes · 6 months ago · Link

Cheers. Nothing sexier than safely volumetric dosing your potent powders.

/u/drugsRus Vendor · 1 votes · 6 months ago · Link

This is very true.

/u/MentatsAddict · 2 votes · 6 months ago · Link

good stuff, thanks for caring! <3

/u/mouquet_farm P Vendor · 2 votes · 6 months ago · Link

I wish that vendors would be allowed to post harm reduction links in their listings of profile info on marketplaces. A lot of marketplaces (fairly) restrict links but verifiable harm reduction sites should be allowed.

/u/RonaldMcDonald · 3 votes · 5 months ago · Link

vendors could put together a harm reduction PDF (or even .txt file!) with links to HR sites and resources then make the file a free digital purchase?

/u/gurkin Knowledge OP · 2 votes · 6 months ago · Link

You could send harm reduction links via messages after a purchase has been made.

I think with magic mushrooms, links to guides on safe settings and set would be really helpful. I know when I was younger I wish I had more help with set and setting.

Thankfully I found Pihkal after my first few trips. If it wasn't for that book, who know where I would have ended up. It taught me a lot about the appropriate use and dosage, respect and care when taking them.

/u/bigdog729 Test4Pay - Moderator · 1 votes · 2 weeks ago · Link

My print copies of Sasha's works are worth more to me than my car and home contents. I love the way he writes, if you read closely you'll find some purposefuly put obfuscations of use. I love the phrase "Without activity in man".