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Has anyone recieved rectification for the most recent Ozbabe issue?

by /u/TheExpressionist · 1 votes · 3 months ago

I haven’t received a resolution yet and I don’t know if I should continue to wait or if I should accept that I have lost money. I’ve messaged OzBabe on Dread and ASAP, but no solution was offered & I don’t feel reassured.

Will it be likely that they regain access to the Market and refund/ship orders? Abacus Support told me they were withdrawing every day since the orders weren’t being sent (even when they were appearing offline). Aren’t the funds for refund lost, either way?

I’ve never been impacted by any of the previous OzBabe problems until now, but I guess I won’t FE ever again.

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/u/Hungry_Eyes P · 1 votes · 3 months ago · Link

Hey TheExpressionist,

I'm a bit confused. Was it ASAP or Ababcus this occurred on?

As I understand, the /u/ozbabe account on Abacus is no longer under the merchant's control, and is being operated by a rogue former teammate. I would make sure whichever market this is on has a report filed regarding the merchant's failure to deliver a package, which you appear to have done. I would also leave negative feedback regarding no pack delivered in this situation. If whoever is running that account is withdrawing daily, and the listings are FE, then, yes, the coin is gone.

/u/Chopper · 2 votes · 3 months ago · Link

As I understand you may be gullible and easily baited by the rambling bullshit of an exit scammer. But it's probably an equal chance I could be wrong about this as much as you are!?!

Regarding the specific advice throughout the rest of your reply, the same chance factor simply doesn't exist because you're wrong. Certainly it seems like the right thing to do in such a case, however, there exists hard evidence to the contrary in this specific instance relating to Abacus, with at least one disgruntled buyer raising a support ticket(I'll explain why this was the only available avenue to them shortly)* with the market admins regarding behavior that most certainly looked suspicious in the least, out right scamming on the other end of the spectrum when the vendor(Ozbabe) continued to mark orders accepted yet failed to send them for +5 days while not responding to any attempt to contact them about the matter.

Support ticket was raised sometime of the day on 07th of October by the upset buyer & the upset buyer also left multiple negative order feedbacks on the vendor profile on the 8th of October, only to be completely ignored it would seem by the market admins; given the account ran a week or more after this.

Also the buyer while trying to do the right thing by the community and raise the alarm was also doxxed by the vendor account through maliciously leveraging the feedback reply facility; which was an issue also raised to the market admins via a support ticket on the 14th of October from myself and upon that falling on deaf ears I made some noise on Dread trying to get the shit show ended permanently, which did eventually happen specifically speaking of the Abacus Market Vendor account subsequently being banned. Not that I take credit for it as I was likely still being ignored anyway.

However the malicious feedback replies are still active, market admins have done sweet fuck all to clean that up which is an equal sized dog act in my book as that of the doxxing & exit scamming piece of shit who orchestrated this whole cluster fuck. So why don't they fucking do something about it?!

and maybe while they are at it, they can try patching this gaping social engineering/market structure vulnerability! =)))

*On Abacus if a FE enabled vendor marks an order "accepted" the funds are immediately released to them, the order moves to the buyers "accepted" orders panel with a note about no auto-cancel timer or auto-finalize timer and if the vendor fails to update the order status to "shipped" in a reasonable time frame they should raise a support ticket because they shouldn't forget "support is there for them" LMFAO!!!! What a crock of shit! What's specifically devastating about this is that the support ticket system is in actual fact the only way to raise an issue about this order now because in their wisdom there's no fucking dispute button either, it's not active with orders given the status "accepted" by a FE enabled vendor the same as the auto-cancel and auto-finalize timers.#

So, should a FE vendor decide to exit, this is absolutely 100% by far the best method of doing so due to the lack of a dispute facility or autotimer, coupled with the zero fucks given support ticket system, even the most cooked crab muppet of a vendor using too much of their own product can easily sew enough confusion and disinformation to keep the charade running at least a good 14-17 days, if not more. Just talk shit about hostile takeovers and blame it all on Russia and Chine, by the time cunts figure out the fuck you on about netherlone that you scamming you be long gone with a whole fukton of their dollary-doos!



#EDIT: I meant to say;

no fucking dispute button either, it's not active with orders given the status "accepted" by a FE enabled vendor the same as the auto-cancel and auto-finalize timers, the finalize button or the facility to leave feedback. As a buyer if a vendor pulls this hit on, you're pretty much shit out of options to do a damned thing about it! Great!

/u/Smokey101 · 1 votes · 3 months ago · Link

I'm in the same boat. Order from 3 weeks ago on Abacus. He has now put ASAP profile on vacation and didn't respond to my message there. Hasn't responded to my message here on dread either. I am losing hope now and can't wait any longer. Let us know whats up /u/ozbabe101

/u/Middy64 · 1 votes · 3 months ago · Link

Why are people still shopping there? Can't you read Dread, you can obviously comment here. You invest your hard earned with a known user whose had fuck up after fuck up and just didn't think it would happen to you? Sorry for your loss lads but you can't fix stupid.