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Hello guys , how to delete my dread account please ?

by /u/[deleted] · 1 votes · 3 months ago

I want to delete my account for opsec reasons and disappear from the darknet

1- i dont want to connect to the I2P trap , since dread will be going full i2p i guess , so my account is useless

2- I made a mistake setting up a vendor account into a well known honeypot trap market listed in the superlist . "the one" who is Ddosing dread and forcing users to connect into I2P trap , and forcing u to download a rogue I2P script written by rogue market admin

please dread admins delete my account forever

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/u/JuiceWRLD999 · 1 votes · 3 months ago · Link

LoL, their script is not the only way to use I2P. You can use I2P and make a new account just to read and access dread via I2P.