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High Quality Crystal, KU Crystal, available from USA warehouse

by /u/RCLeon Verified International Vendor · 1 votes · 3 months ago

KU Crystal is a very high quality Crystal. large demond.

Definitely worth your try.

From this week, huge quantity will be available from my USA warehouse. Shipping from USA, fast and safe delivery.

Anyone interested, please no hesitate to contact me.

if you are big vendor, let's talk and do some real business. Sure we can earn some sweet money.

contact updated:

Telegram: @RCLeonGodchems

Gmail: godchems@gmail.com

Wickr: rcleon


I know ppl don't like gmail. But for safety reasons, we only use gmail here in China. PPL can send me their other links to my gmail, I will contact you back.

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Tutanota and Protonmail are better choices than insecure gmail.

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Thanks for the update