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Holiday season side hustle or new career?

by /u/miner21 · 1 votes · 2 months ago

I am wondering what people have found to supplement there income during the holidays? I work in a skilled trade with a company owned by me and someone else, and jobs tend to slow down at this time of year for a month or so. I do a side job with some online sales but for some reason the Christmas rush I usually see hasn't taken off (I am narrowly covering my listing fees right now). I am looking for ideas both legal and illegal. I will entertain anything if its realistic. Honestly if it is something that could turn into a new career that would be worth a ton to me. ( I have worked off and on at my current job begining in high school. Its not always consistent with work and I have a family. I cant go weeks without pay). My partner will retire within 3 years and I will not take it over.) So are there any side hustles that are working for people right now? Any general ideas I should look into?

My education / experience: 4 years of college in emergency services (2 A.S. degrees) (6 years work experience in the field) 4 year B.S. degree in an exercise science field (Never worked in the field). 12 years experience in construction.

I live in a rural area, with a pop. of less than 30,000. The nearest city is 3 hours away.

Lastly I cant drive. I lost my DL recently because of declining vision. I have to get rides to work or do something from home. I am in the process of getting a device to allow me to do some driving again.(This was the cause of me leaving my other career path. The job I am at now can work with me not driving.) I wont have the device before christmas though, so assume I cant drive in a side hustle job idea. Hopefully I have given enough detail to be helpful but not mess up my opsec. Thanks! again all ideas I am willing to entertain. I need ideas and to discuss them.

Comments (2)
/u/Pygmalion · 1 votes · 2 months ago · Link

Buy drugs.

Sell drugs.

/u/jethro23 P · 1 votes · 2 months ago · Link

Only thing I can see them doing, might be hard to find clientele at first in such a small city but see what there is demand for