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How does Kilos work. How do I use it?

by /u/Notchsmith · 0 votes · 3 months ago

So I'm thinking about buying BTC soon and later exchanging them to XMR via Kilos. However, I need to know how Kilos works before I do that. Sorry for the stupid post but can anyone walk me through with details how to use Kilos for exchange? Thanks.

So I load up Kilos, click on "Kilos Finance" and "Swap BTC, LTC and XMR". It loads a page where I take it in "Where should we send your coins", I copy and paste my Feather wallet adress and I set the other options to "Send BTC" and "Get XMR". I'm assuming I don't click on the 25$ fee thing because I recieve XMR as stated in the site After that I create the coinswap and then what? Do I have to paste my BTC wallet adress as well after that and if so then where? What happens after that?

Also if there's a fee how does it work. For example I have 100$ worth of BTC. Say the fee is 25$ for an exchange. So instead of 100, I get 75$ worth of XMR or something like that. Basically I get less Monero than I usually would.

Again sorry for the stupid post but I'm just super catious.

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/u/taigahunter · 1 votes · 3 months ago · Link

If you're after Monero, it is probably easier to just buy from localmonero with whatever BTC or LTC you have. You could even use cash in mail or a postal bond.

/u/CaptainAmanita · 1 votes · 3 months ago · Link

You are doing exactly what you should. The box for the $25 fee is for our system called KAAML, and should only be used if you were swapping from XMR to BTC or LTC. KAAML, when selected, provides coins that are as clean as possible. Each coin we receive is given a score based on how "tainted" they are, and whenever KAAML is selected, only coins with low scores are sent out. This feature should be used if you plan on selling your BTC/LTC back to an exchange, or if you would like to receive clean coins for something that is not DarkNet related. We cannot give a 100% guarantee that your funds will not be scrutinized, but it is definitely a better option than having none.

Our fee is calculated at around 2-4% depending on what we can provide at that time. The $25 flat rate for KAAML would be selected if you wanted clean coins. It is not required to swap. The way you had input your information is exactly how you should do it. After you create your swap, you will be taken to a page with a BTC deposit address. You send your BTC over to that Kilos-owned deposit address, and then our system will exchange your BTC for XMR.

Additionally, on your swap page, when you scroll down to the bottom, there should be options to "View" or "Download" your PGP-signed Proof. Please save down a copy of this until your funds are confirmed as received. If anything were to go wrong with your transaction, your PGP-signed Proof is what will be needed to process any support request manually.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us over to the /d/Kilos mod-mail and we will be happy to walk and help you through the process if you are still having any troubles.

Kind Regards,


/u/Espionage5926 · 1 votes · 3 months ago · Link

Kilos is awesome I use it to accept BTC swap to Monero.