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How Fraudsters Obtain Your PayPal Logs.

by /u/Businessexec · 1 votes · 2 weeks ago

Selling PayPal logs is a common form of online fraud that is used by scammers to make a quick profit. These logs contain the details of transactions made through PayPal accounts, including email addresses, account balances, and transaction histories, making them valuable to fraudsters. Here are the three most common ways people sell PayPal logs:

1. Hacking: One of the most popular ways that fraudsters obtain PayPal logs is through hacking. They use methods like phishing or malware to steal login information, which then allows them access to the account's transaction history.

2. Compromised accounts: Fraudsters also buy or sell PayPal logs that come from compromised accounts. These are accounts that have already been hacked, and the logs contain details of all transactions that have taken place through that account.

3. Insider trading: In some cases, fraudsters obtain PayPal logs from insiders who work within the company. These insiders either steal the logs themselves or sell them to other fraudsters.

Once the fraudster has obtained the PayPal logs, they will usually package them into a bundle and sell them on the dark web. These logs can be sold for anywhere between $10 and $1000, depending on the information contained within them. The buyer of these logs will then typically use the information to commit fraud – for example, they might use the information to make unauthorized transactions or to open new accounts under the same email address.

In conclusion, people sell PayPal logs to fraudsters through hacking, compromised accounts, and insider trading. The logs contain information about transactions made through PayPal accounts, which can be used by the buyer to commit fraud. It is important to always be vigilant when using online payment systems and to report any suspicious activity to the relevant authorities.

Comments (5)
/u/SexyPenguin · 1 votes · 2 weeks ago · Link

The most popular way paypal logs are obtained are through combo lists and checkers.

I don't think anyone "hacks" paypal accounts, they just get comped because people reuse passwords.

#3 isn't really possible. Paypal workers don't see your passwords, and they wouldn't risk their job just so they can reset a few account passwords.

/u/VendingandCompany · 1 votes · 2 weeks ago · Link

Paypal scam pages are real.

/u/SexyPenguin · 1 votes · 2 weeks ago · Link

Yeah, they're real, but they make up less than 1% of the actual logs.

/u/monkey_wrench · 1 votes · 2 weeks ago · Link

Why do people purchase them?

What is the angle there?

If there is 2FA doesn't that render username and password useless?

Maybe I'm missing something

/u/WHITESPIDER · 1 votes · 1 week ago · Link

Paypal is so useless they send code to email and sms