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How to buy and send Monero(XMR)

by /u/TommyEagen · 1 votes · 3 months ago

I only really buy with btc but theres a few markets with great deals that only use xmr and the app I buy and send my btc from doesn't have an option to buy xmr.

Son just wondering how to do it?

Comments (8)
/u/SocialMediaManager · 2 votes · 3 months ago · Link

It's really easy man, I would have said the same things as the people who commented, but they pretty much have everything that you need to know..

Just make sure to check out the r/DarknetMarketsNoobs like /u/Rootless said and you'll be solid !

/u/Rootless P · 1 votes · 3 months ago · Link

If you take a look at the dnm buyer bible which is linked to in the sidebar on /d/DarknetMarketsNoobs, (almost) everything you need to know is in there.

/u/MrLivian · 1 votes · 3 months ago · Link

All you need is a swap service / exchange service ...from BTC to XMR ...

you do not need to buy XMR directly as soon as you want anonymyty ...you must to avoid KYC ...

So... after you have your btc....from wherever you have bought...you must use a non custodial wallet or 2 wallets...to move funds ...after that you must exchange to XMR...and send to a 3rd wallet...

From your 3rd wallet you can use it ....

Another way will be to use a p2p platform....and direct deal with a seller...but it is much high risky as soon as you can be scammed/....

Stay Safe

/u/mostlyretarded · 1 votes · 3 months ago · Link

1. Get yourself a monero wallet

2. Use an exchange service to swap btc for xmr - there are some listed on tor dot taxi. You could use a service that swaps the coins for you, or use Local Monero which connects you with xmr sellers who will release the xmr after they get your btc.

3. Buy drugs with your xmr.

That's if you've already got bitcoin lying around. If you don't then just buy the xmr direct using local monero.

/u/NorthOfTheNeXus · 1 votes · 3 months ago · Link

Pretty sure u can use coinspot to buy xmr then send it your personal wallet then to your market.

just dont send directly from coinspot to market or they might ban you.

/u/TommyEagen OP · 1 votes · 3 months ago · Link

nah coinspot dont do monero but why would u get banned if u sent straight from coinspot cause thats what i do with all my btc

/u/NorthOfTheNeXus · 1 votes · 3 months ago · Link

Well coinspot use to do xmr, we have not used it for a couple of years tho.

and i rem reading other ppl got there accounts banned from sending directly to markets in the past.. but it might have been another exchange or could have been from the markets to the exchange.

EDIT: https://www.reddit.com/r/Monero/comments/ificui/coinspot_australian_exchange_delistng_monero/

is seems that coinspot de-listed xmr in 2020 :(

/u/NorthOfTheNeXus · 1 votes · 3 months ago · Link

Also maybe sus out this post and reddit sub for extra ideas