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How to cover your ass! (Pinned post)

by /u/dongthatlong · 13 votes · 2 months ago

SO I have been seeing a lot of newbies on this sub-dread that often have the very same questions. Not long ago I was one of them too. After spending many patient yet headscratching hours on here, I have come to reasonably navigate the DN scene. Now I hope I can summarise what I found to be the best practice during your engagement with the DN.

I must disclaim that I’m by no means an expert and you should be doing your own bit of research on navigating the DN but the following will help you with a place to begin. This post is nothing new but a reiteration of practising proper OpSec.

First and foremost, Please read the DarkNetBible if you haven’t already. It will seem overwhelming and unnecessary at first but believe me it all begins to make sense.

1. Device

Many wonder what device to use for all this. Use a spare computer if you can, or you can use your own. What is important is you don’t use your default windows for the want of convenience. This is where TAILS comes into play.

- Buy a 16gb pendrive (sometimes 8 GB works).


Download TAILS and Balena Etcher from the official sites. This can be done on the clearnet as well. [Link-]

- Plug in the USB stick --->Open Balena Etcher. You’ll see an option to flash from files. Select the download Tails image, select your USB as the target and proceed to FLASH. A few mins later the installation should be successful.

Now using Tails:

Restart on your Tails USB stick. [Click start button –> Hold Shift key while clicking on Restart].

Choose USB as a device and select boot from USB and select Tails.

You are now set! Tails will open.

Best part is you can use the Tails on USB on any computer on the go. It is truly portable. Unlike windows where it is saved on the harddrive.

2. Enabling Persistent Storage on Tails

- Now if you have read the DNMB, you’d know that Tails by design is amnesiac so nothing gets saved on your system after you shut down after use. Then what about some files/ passwords? how to keep track you ask?

- Persistent storage - Go to Applications → System Tools → Configure persistent volume.

Enter a strong password and HODL. The next steps are self-guiding, no need for any additional settings. Once enabled, restart TAILS once again to activate Persistent Storage.

So all files saved in the Persistent Volume will be saved on subsequent bootups.

3. Payments?

- Use Monero on Feather wallet. Simple and easy to use. Find it here -

- Download your feather wallet and immediately move it to persistent volume so you won’t have to reinstall Feather and restore your wallets each time you start Tails.

- Once downloaded, right click on the AppImage → Properties → Permissions. Make sure “Allow executing file as program” is enabled. You will only have to do this once.

Set up your wallet by entering your existing seed/keys or create a new wallet as you may please. It will take a couple of hours initially to sync with the blockchain.

4. Placing an order. Why use a market - /post/1fc0bfa2f9d24082347b

Identify your vendor first based on your requirement. This sub-dread has a monthly Vendor List which is excellent to start with. Checkout the vendors menu and their market listings. Best way to safeguard your coins is using a market to order using Escrow. /d/Alphabay, /d/Abacusmarket, and /d/Bohemia are some of the markets that have earned a decent reputation and been in the scene at least long enough to show a good track record. Alphabay happens to have most of our domestic vendors. Get the official link from /u/AlphaBay

Create an Account, look up your vendor, load up your cart and move to check out. This is where you have to share your drop and finish the payment.

5. Encrypting your Data

It is imperative that you encrypt your drop details using the Seller’s PGP Key so unauthorised persons are kept from your information.

PGPKey encryption can be done using Kleopatra (inbuilt in Tails). Refer for detailed info.

Other options are Openkeychain but it has its hassles.

6. Order placements

Get your coins from

Preferable to not use any KYC exchange. Send the coins to your feather wallet. Juggle between the wallets should you feel so and then send the coins to your Alphabay.

7. Things to keep in mind

Having a clean drop is as much as important. There are different thoughts on whether or not to use your real name and address. Using your real name and address does not stick out like a sore thumb with your local post office. Or you can use a friend’s address and give him a cut. It is also possible to get a burner number. Do look into that. Do not track the parcel over and over again. Let 3-4 days pass after shipping cuz its the bare minimum.

These few extra steps can mean a big difference between freedom and behind bars. Spend some time and understand the risks of what you’re doing. Treat it with the respect and focus it deserves. It really is not that complicated.

I have not covered all the parts since it is already a long post. Y'all can pitch in the comments if there's any significant oversight in this post, I will correct it. Request /u/delhifpo if this can be sticky'd considering how hot the scene is right now.

Thanks for reading, stay safe.

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