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I sold a hacked crypto wallet with 93k crypto worth for 1k usd and the newbe killed the log

by /u/Cracksheet · 0 votes · 1 week ago

I sold hacked crypto wallet with 93k to a newbe for 1k and he killed the log, i had to replace it with 2 new cookies one for 39k and another for 22k just so he doesn't come on dread and start commenting bullshit bout him being scammed.

I keep saying this a couple of times and seems lots of yal newbe aren't here to learn. if you do not know how to login cookies go on YouTube or find someone who gon teach you how to log cookies before coming to me to buy a crypto hack wallet. I am only selling out for a fraction of the cost cause i got 130+ cryto hacked wallet and a couple private key. if anyone come to me to buy a crypto wallet and they kill the log imma only give 1 extra and if you blow up that extra then you doom. you have to get 1k to get a new cause most of you newbe claim to know too much and when proven you seem to not know shit. so i would advice you to learn how to log cookies before purchasing a hacked wallet or another account account so you do not kill log and then come on comment section to talk shit bout a legit seller.

Comments (3)
/u/suzie Old Head · 1 votes · 1 week ago · Link


Why don't you cash out yourself?

If you don't know how, lets talk and lets make more money!



/u/detameen · 1 votes · 1 week ago · Link

Ofc he's lying

Don't let him corner you

/u/detameen · 1 votes · 1 week ago · Link