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IncognitoChain feed-back (Monero DEX)

by /u/Jddbvbe · 4 votes · 4 months ago

So i tried out this DEX ( after i was on bisq (a bitcoin DEX) and it's been a good shit if you want the cheapest swaps.

It looks that there many different LPs like BTC LTC ETH with limit orders (really like bisq but with more possibilities).

I also notice their "inter-operability" between known DEXs like curve uniswap and pancake if you use ETH, so a good ramp so buy/sell monero silently with pretty all big Polygon and binance tokens.

To end, their coin-wrapping system can be unsecure (regarding to bridge hacks) but good enough to use in a no-custodial way (wrap->swap->unwrap).

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/u/b3e4t3a7 · 1 votes · 3 months ago · Link

I tried a little amount of LTC to XMR, it worked without problems.

I'll try the ETH thing, it looks a useful way for selling stable coins or other altcoins for monero