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Infinity Exchanger ➜ BTC, XMR, LTC, BCH ➜ 3% Commission ▮ Reusable Exchanges ▮ Multiple outpust ▮ PGP Signature Proof, 𝐄𝐓𝐂...

by /u/InfinityProject · 1 votes · 2 months ago

⇋ ฿ Infinity Project Coin Exchanger ฿ ⇌

☟ Introduction: ☟
Have you tried the Infinity Exchanger yet? If not give it a shot! A modern approach to functionality and security for users, a new generation cryptocurrency exchange service with a modern look at the DNM scene.
✎ Why We Are Different: ✎
We only charge 3% commission on all exchanges We do not use third-party APIs, the responsibility is entirely on us You can split your transactions to route the coin you are sending to different coin wallets, example: Convert $100 of bitcoin to $50 xmr and $50 ltc We offer an estimation of how much you're exchange will cost! We have a top notch customer support team We offer conversion from BTC, LTC, XMR, and BTC Cash! We sign all transactions with our PGP key! You get CLEAN COIN back only! Low minimum exchange requirements
☏ Ways To Contact: ☏
🅳 Our Official Sub /d/infinityproject LDN Rotating Mirrors https://exchanger.dhme3vnfeleniirt5nxuhpmjsfq5srp44uyq2jyihhnrxus7ibfqhiqd.onion/ The Main Onion Mirror ☎️ JABBER:
?? Questions ??
Take a looke at our FAQ section on the site at If your answer is not in the FAQ's feel free to contact us at any of the contacts listed above
✌ Conclusion: ✌
As we are a newer service we understand hesitation to try us out, if or when you decide to use our service please leave a review on the /d/reviews sub, as well as our sub at /d/infinityproject and let the community know how your experience went, WE LOVE FEEDBACK, there is always room for improvement with everything so if you notice something let us know and we will always address with prompt service everytime!
✍ Authors: ✍
The author of the text: /u/QuickieFlippie The author of the design: /u/TTTz
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/u/dinerito44 P · 1 votes · 2 months ago · Link

Has anyone tried this?