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is there an escrow service

by /u/esqiya · 1 votes · 4 months ago

I am about to buy some drugs online but he is not on any market.does anybody know a reliable escrow service?

Comments (3)
/u/theArchitect · 2 votes · 4 months ago · Link

Hi i know CryptBB has escrow service maybe The Majestic Garden has an escrow service but not sure about that one.

/u/smalltowngirl · 2 votes · 4 months ago · Link

Don't buy drugs from random person online without market or solid escrow.

You'll get scammed!

/u/MrLivian · 1 votes · 4 months ago · Link

Better don't as soon as you can not know if the escrow service will not scam you!

more then 90% of Escrow services that I tried in the past was scams...

better you will find a vendor locally who sell with dead drop!

Stay Safe