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Is this concept possible?

by /u/walterthesneaky · 1 votes · 2 months ago

I was on an app a few years back, its called Yubo (LIVE Streaming App) and there was about 5-6 accounts LIVE streaming in one chat room on video, a comment came through in the comment section from an account saying something along the lines of "wanna see a magic trick? :)" .. all accounts were booted from the LIVE stream for a few seconds. Mind you, the 5-6 accounts LIVE streaming where all from different locations. How was this possible? Could it have been security flaws within the app? A type of DDoS attack? it truly baffled me but none the less i was impressed. Could a similar thing be achieved with popular apps like TikTok? Keen to hear some opinions.

- walterthesneaky