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islandboyz' Clonazolam Xanax/2 Bars' Review

by /u/Yimineo Pro Review Writer · 2 votes · 1 week ago

islandboyz' Clonazolam Xanax/2 Bars' Review

Hey everybody. Been awhile since I've done reviews since the inability to obtain Etizolam and having to make the switch to pressed Clonazolam/"Alprazolam" Bars from various vendors. Moving from the ease of purchasing compartively cheap Etizolam powder to pressed bars (whilst on a high dosage) was an extreme adjustment. Was on a dosage that I'd rather not mention for quite a long time but was able to taper down to a more "norma" tolerance.

***Disclaimer for anybody new to purchasing Benzos/RC benzos; be safe! It's unbelievably easy, over time, to raise your tolerance to levels that medical professionals just flat out find not possible...even if you tell yourself it's for theurapetic usage.

Anyways, decided to, with my tolerance down, to make another purchase. I noticed that there was a relatively new vendor, islandboyz, on Alpha, who had some good reviews, a variety of pressed bars that clearly stated that they contained 2-3 mg of Clonazolam, and who also had great communication, so decided that I would make a purchase. In fact, I'm so happy with the purchase that I wanted to post a review in order to let others know the quality of product, vendor, OPSEC, communication, and other facts so the community knows with whom they are purchasing from as well as the quality of the product and other pertinent information.

Interaction/Purchase of Product

As I had not purchased for quite some time, I was wondering who was still in "The Game" and who was not. Did some quick research on Dread to see if there was anything that I should know prior to be safe, and then went looking around. It was then that I noticed islandboyz' Clonazolam Xanax/2 Bars stickied on Alpha. After looking at their store, they had a variety of benzo/triazols for sale, amongt them the Xanax 2's, the R039 "yellow school buses," and the S903 "Green Hulks." In the description for each, all stated that they contained 2-3mg of Clonazolam, some Harm Reduction information for those with a low tolerance to limit themselves to a third of a bar, and that's about it. I tend to like that-just straight to the point and factual. Most reviews were centered around the Hulks, as it seems most people tend to like those, I've noticed. Personally I prefer bars that can break up into 4 pieces while the "hulks," I find, tend to break into thirds. If memory serves, they had 29 reviews at the time, all positive with zero negative comments. At the time of my purchase, there were only 3 reviews of the white Xanax 2's pressed with Clonazolam.

I tend to like to purchase from vendors that are new, but have a decent amount of ratings, as I like to see what's new out there and to establish relationships, and I am very glad that this route was choosen.

Product Quality/Shipping/OPSEC/Communication

When you're low on product, there is nothing worse than delays with vendors accepting orders, not having them ship it out in a timely manner, etc. I had a good feeling about islandboyz', though, and made the purchase. After I placed an order, I checked back in two hours later and the order was already accepted and marked as shipped! To me, that is great. As far as I know, the order went out the next day and arrived exactly when I thought it would (T2D in exactly the time stated-and I ordered after the morning cutoff time).

Absolutely deserves an A+ when it comes to speed. islandboyz was on top of it. Usually I have some anxiety, wondering when/if an item had been shipped out, but this time I just had a good feeling and had no worries. islandboyz' also left a vendor note, which is always appreciated and feels more engaging with the customer.

In my reviews I tend to not go into the specifics regarding OPSEC other than if it's acceptable or not and in comparison to the big names you'll find with very high Trust Status. I will just mention that the OPSEC was as good, if not better than most I had encountered in the past. Absolutely zero complaints whatsoever in this regard and the community will find that islandboyz' takes great care and pride in their OPSEC.

As for the product-again A+. I spent quite a few evenings trying out the product in various dosages prior to this review. I've had years' of experience trying out the big player's Clonazolam, Eti, "Alprazolam-labeled" bars, etc. As for potency and quality, I really like the product. I found them accurently dosed, as stated in the description. The product lasted as long as it should, took away withdrawals, the onset of action was presicely as it should be. No complaints whatsoever in regards to potency.

The only aspect I will mention is that the bars tend to crumble a bit. For example, if you're breaking the bar into quarters, there will be some residue that falls off. Not much, but they are a bit brittle. They aren't going to break apart in a bottle, and only 2 of the bars broke in half while in transit (for which the extras that islandboyz provided more than made up for).

Overall Thoughts

Currently, islandboyz is a vendor that allows you to purchase a minimum of 20, which is nice for those of us who prefer to purchase a smaller amount or are limited financially and cannot purchase 250/500+ at a time, at a cost that is more than acceptable for the product offered. Currently away in vacation mode, I very much look forward to islandboyz' return so that I can make another purchase.

To recap, the product is A+. Speed, which in my opinion is extremely important is top notch, communication is excellent, OPSEC is just about best as it can be, and overall this was just a fantastic interaction and purchase. Was more than happy and a pleasure to write up a review for this quality of work and detail. In the time between my order and this review, it seems quite a few others decided to make orders and, as expected, were all positive. I see islandboyz having a great future as a vendor, would recommend them to anyone loking for an honest, reliable, and communicative vendor, and very much looking forward to placing another order as soon as possible. This is one review that I have nothing even remotely negative to comment about.

Thanks for reading, and I hope this is helpful for those looking to make an informed, safe, and speedy purchase!

Comments (3)
/u/newbieforever2018 MOD-Adopt a Shelter Dog · 1 votes · 1 week ago · Link

/u/Yimineo Thanks so much for the informative and detailed review. No fill in the blanks bare bones review here. Well done!!!

/u/HeadJanitor Entry Guard · 1 votes · 1 week ago · Link


Job well done. Indeed.

/u/EzSolutionsInc Verified Vendor · 1 votes · 1 week ago · Link

great review