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Just spent the night setting up i2pd to connect local vm to remote vps as a reverse proxy to host web services

by /u/darknetdev · 2 votes · 2 months ago

Way to sleep deprived and buzzing on modafinil at this point so if it sounds like I'm talking nonsense forgive me, but it works pretty well. Once both servers find each other on the i2p network it remains pretty stable and i guess having multiple tunnels for each service (http, https etc..) gives it some redundancy i didn't have with my previous solution which itself was a bit of a hack.

I've also done a similar thing with tor and onions. Is this a thing that interests anyone or is it just me being sad? haha. If there's enough demand for how to set these kinds of things up i might be up for writing some beginner(ish) friendly guides to help people do these things, All the knowledge and bits you need to know are scattered all over the place which might make it much harder for someone new to this kind of thing to figure out. What do you guys think?

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/u/whatupp · 1 votes · 2 months ago · Link

Overall demand on I2P (I tried introducing it for a DNM) is on the low, people are not familiar with it or even never heard of it. So adaptation will take time, for now we just throw resources at this issue and with success.

/u/darknetdev OP · 1 votes · 2 months ago · Link

So, I'm still pretty buzzed and probably didn't explain myself well in my original post. Although some of this might be useful for a DNM i was thinking more about other use cases around clearnet stuff, free speech or social / political movements or just because of ideology or because it's neat.

What i meant was writing guides that let you seem like you're hosting a service on a clearnet server but really it's just acting as a kind of reverse proxy to your actual host and using Tor or i2p to hide both servers from each other, so you can setup a cheap VPS and even if that gets seized you don't lose your stuff or have to restore from a backup, just spin up another VPS, configure it and you're back in the game, and anyone looking at the VPS can't see where the true "origin" hosting everything is but it remains accessible to anyone on the clearnet, you can run websites and email through it and have your true origin server buried behind firewalls on a virtualized environment with no access directly back to the clearweb so it can't be de-anonymized if an RCE vuln is found.

I've also as a test gotten a VPN working on an android phone with i2p so your phone / internet provider can't see you're even talking to a VPN or which server you're communicating with, the VPN server doesn't know where the client is, if you had a "secure" phone but didn't want to route all your traffic out over tor exit nodes you could setup an anon VPN and no one on the line in-between would know who's speaking to who.

Of course phones aren't good for security and there's more to opsec but the same idea would work on any device whether it's a phone, computer, firewall etc...

Not sure how useful that information would be or if anyone would even be interested in setups like that. Just setting up an eepsite or onion for a service is pretty straight forward and there's a million guides on that. Maybe I'm just rambling and should go to sleep already.

/u/whatupp · 2 votes · 2 months ago · Link

I once ate two strips of Modafinil to get me through a hell of a (working) night under high pressure so I get your buzz ;-) no worries.

/u/penis_market · 1 votes · 2 months ago · Link

I'd definitely be interested in a guide for setting up tor/i2p between the reverse proxy and the webserver. Penis Market could definitely use a link clear web link site. Let me know where you publish it!