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by /u/StandardD · 1 votes · 2 months ago

After having read through the bible featured in /d/DarknetMarketsNoobs' sidebar and with Kilos being one of the featured exchanges when it comes to the cryptocurrency section, particularly to exchange BTC into XMR, it doesn't seem unreasonable that many people who are either starting out or use the DNM services more casually would purchase their crypto from a clearnet exchange and then use Kilos' service to break the chain of custody over their identity.

With the purpose behind KAAML being giving its users clean crypto, would it be feasible to analyse the transactions of the sending address to see if their crypto was obtained from an exchange? I don't think it would be necessary to dig too deep into the transaction history since the process outlined in the bible is:

BTC Exchange-> BTC Wallet 1 -> Convert to XMR

So people who may be following the guide and using Kilos' service could provide completely clean crypto which could be set aside in a different wallet and sent to people who use the KAAML service.

This is just a hypothesis as I've got limited experience with blockchain technology and therefore I don't know how complex it would be to implement if at all possible so I welcome the discussion.

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/u/Pacco Moderator/Support · 2 votes · 2 months ago · Link

As far as i know KAAML works similar.We analyse the coins with some tools and if they are clean they are processed to KAAML activated swaps.

But users of kilos mostly comes from dnm users so coins are not clean all the time.A centralized exchange user can already swap to monero or other coins inside exchange.

/u/StandardD OP · 2 votes · 2 months ago · Link

Right, that makes sense and it's mostly what I was getting at when I made the post. Thank you for your input nonetheless, I'm fascinated by the culture of the dark net and it's pretty nice knowing that I was on the right track despite my lack of expertise in the matter.