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Keyless Repeater Relay Attack, PKE Key-fobs, Unlock and Start most 2014-2020 cars.

by /u/2Dej7fsI9WBACRvg7aG0 · 1 votes · 2 months ago

I've seen this type of attack go by a lot of names, but in reality it is just a relay attack.

The goal is to use two devices(more like 4 devices in two units) to "trick" the car that the key-fob is just outside the car and it is okay to open it by using the PKE (Passive Key-less Entry) different from RKE (Remote Key-less Entry) that requires a button to be clicked and is usually paired with a replay attack.

I don't not know much about this which is why I am asking here for more info. These devices go for around $5k-20k which I find crazy for just being 2 receivers, 2 transmitters and a RFID reader.

Does anyone have any resources to build one your self?

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